Miitomo Drop: Cat Style vs Top Dog

Now, I love dogs. While I like cats too, I’ve been anticipating dog versions of the cat items since Miitomo started and I have to admit, I’m a bit disappointed. Besides the fact that we didn’t get a Dog Companion to go with the cat ones which is really depressing…
Seriously, how could there not be a dog variation of these?

Most of the items are pretty disappointing in comparison to the cat ones–we even get less colors.

For Top Dog, we received:
A Poodle Suit (Hat and Body) in Brown, Black, and White.
Dog-logo socks in White, Blue, and Dark grey
Dog Slippers in Beige, Dark Grey, and a Dark Orange

Spiked Collar in Red, Black, and Dark Blue
Paw-soled boat shoes in Orange, Light Blue, and Black
Pet Shop Jumper in Green, Yellow, and Pink
Jeans w/ Ruff Patch in Blue, Light Blue, and Black

Dalmation Suit
Dalmation Ears
Paw-print tights in White, Black, and Light Orange
Dalmation Top w/ Collar

For Cat Style, we received:
Silly-kitty Sweater (Blue, Purple, Black, White, Pink, Orange)
Kitty Miniskirt (Pink, Blue, Orange, Black, and probably more–I could not refind all the colors, but most likely also available in at least Purple)
Cat Companion (Grey, Black, White)
Cat-faced Pumps (Pink, Blue, Dark Beige)

Cat-Ear Headband (Red, Black, White)
Tiny Kitty Cap (Dark Orange, Black, Dark Grey, White)
Cat-Faced Stockings (Purple, Blue, Black, Brown, Pink, White)
Striped Kitty Muffler (Blue, Grey, and Pink)

Cat hood w/ muffler (White, Grey, Black)
Cat-paw dress shirt (White, Black, Green, Light Blue, Orange, Red)
Hoodie w/ wraparound Kitty (White, Black, Red)
Shorts w/ Calico Cat Print

There are so many different color options and while the Cat stuff feels like clothing you’d wear as a fan of cats, the dog clothing is more geared to either actually dressing like a dog or trying to sell them. Could all items be perfectly mimicked? Of course not. The Paw Print Stockings are a definitely decent switch-up to the Cat-Faced Stockings.

But the closest we have to a “skirt” in the Top Dog Miitomo Drop is part of the Pet Shop Jumper.
This is especially silly as poodle skirts are a thing and it would’ve matched perfectly fine with the poodle suits:

I mean, a shirt with a dog or two on it and a skirt with a dog on it would have been really nice.

Instead, we have some fairly plain pants that don’t really have a matching shirt whatsoever. The closest item that Cat Style received that is similar to what we ended up getting in Top Dog are the Shorts w/ Calico Cat Print which was the only item I purposely skipped in Cat Style.

We also have one item less than Cat Style did. I don’t know, maybe we can get a cute Companion Dog in the shop and maybe they didn’t want to just do dog versions of the cat ones… but at least give us actual clothing and not just costumes then :( Even in colors alone, the amount of variety with the cat stuff is easy to see in comparison to what we received for the dog items.