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Let’s talk about Pokemon Sun & Moon!

So, the first real bits of information went up today with a video! If you haven’t watched it yet and don’t want spoilers, I’d recommend doing so now:

But yes, first of all… release date of November 18th! (Except for Europe who gets it a week later. Poor Europe. Though, they have Style Savvy 3 which we still have yet to even hear about here so… :P)

We were shown quite a bit of things–the new region (Alola so Hawaii (Oahu to be specific)–even further confirmed in the Japanese trailer), the new starters:
Rowlet (Grass/Flying), Litten (Fire), Popplio (Water)

This may be the first time I’ve liked the grass starter best. That isn’t to say I haven’t liked any grass starters previously, but usually it’s a tie (such as all of Gen 2’s starters) then if not second. The water starter is kind of cute too, but at the same time I’ve had other seals I like better. And the Fire Starter is okay, but not really a OMGNEED. But yeah, right now I’m thinking of going with Rowlet and naming it Dumpling.

And the legendaries:
sunlegendary moonlegendary
I was already planning to get Moon regardless, but it kind of makes me think of if Darkrai and Cresselia had a baby.

You can get a better idea of them on the boxart though:

We also got to see the trainers!
Though, they really didn’t show much for the female trainer just yet:
I’m not really sure how I feel about her design just yet. I hope we can change our hairstyle at least as it does look like customization is back–afterall, we can choose from various options at the start:

And some clothing color changes in the trailer:

Finally, here is the Japanese trailer which is a lot different, longer, and really heartwarming:

While the information is shown a bit differently, it’s still really nice. One of my favorite parts from the trailer:
Though, this also just makes me wish even more that Pokemon still followed you around…

But yes, I’m super excited. I’m hoping we’ll hear tons more information soon. <3


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