Miitomo: Most Wanted New Features

With Miitomo’s most recent update, you’re able to add friends through their email address which is really nice for people who have friends they keep up with only on instant messengers, but don’t really care for social networks (I rarely even use mine and mostly only started using Twitter more due to my site itself–it’s very convenient for short opinions).

This was one of the features I’ve wanted for a while and it made me think of other features I’d really like to see, so here we go!

1. Being able to use Candy for something besides unlocking answers. I have no interest in seeing my friend’s answers sooner. I don’t have this super curiousity hounding me because I may not know their answer right this second. As of typing this, I have 1,469 pieces of candy. I could literally listen to every question I haven’t heard yet and still have candy left over.

It’s a shame too as candy could be used for many other things. Some examples are trading in amounts of candy for coins and/or game tickets. There aren’t many ways to earn coins a day and game tickets for Miitomo Drop are only gotten using My Nintendo or the random daily items. My Nintendo is especially frustrating due to just how overpriced the single and 5 Game Tickets appear compared to the price for 10 Game Tickets.

Being able to use candy would be a great chance to actually use them and maybe even give people a reason to pick candy instead of the same item again. Another would be an item set that may even cost candy–while it’s not an option I’m as fond of over being able to trade them in, it’s still an option.

2. Interior Options. I’m a bit different than most people where I actually don’t want all the interior options for Tomodachi Life or furniture we can buy and arrange. I actually like this being a bit more simple. What I’d prefer though is the option to change to one of the other personality type’s rooms. There are 16 different room options, being able to switch to one (whether it be free, cost coins, or using candy) would be really nice. My favorite room is one that is in the same overall category as me, but a different sub-category so instead of that nice pink one, I’m stuck with a purple one.

Your room is permanently set by whatever personality type you get first so even if you change your personality type after, your room will stay the same. If only I knew that when I started Miitomo :P Then maybe I’d have the pink room.

Regardless, I feel like this would be a nice compromise to wanting a fully customized room versus a room that could at least be someone’s favorite color.

3. The ability to gift and trade items. The fact that you have the option to retake an item you’ve already gotten from Miitomo Drop or buy another of an item in the same color that you already have is pretty interesting to me because you actually can’t do anything with them. You can’t put multiples on at once. You’re literally just stuck with them. And yet, the option is there. I feel like this is a feature that needs to or should be coming if that option is there in the first place as it makes little sense otherwise.

Also, I like gifting my friends. Plus, this would be incredibly handy with the Daily Shop which brings me to….

4. Have the Daily Shop items work like in Tomodachi Life. When you get an item to show up in the Daily Shop, it should permanently be available under the main shop tabs in the colors that were shown in the Daily Shop. As you see more colors of the item, they get added to the main shop. This allows people to not only build up their main shop, but help out more people in the long run. Right now, you just need to hope someone buys something you want and is either on your friend’s list currently wearing it or takes a Miifoto with it along with the address to said Miifoto so you can save it and get the outfit from it.

It’s not a fun system and a lot of is just luck of the draw. I’ve seen so many items I liked, but do not care for the color of and I’m not even sure if it exists in the color I want due to how the system works.

5. Be able to wear more than one accessory at a time. A cute brooch or necklace should not take away my kitten companion. It’s just kind of silly and most other games with these kind of character customization apps usually allow 3-6 accessories–never just one (or have more categories like “back” items being completely separate). In general, more layering would be pretty fun.

6. More ways to earn coins each day. There is a limit of 50 Coins from viewing 10 friends’ answers, 45 Coins from answering 3 questions (which you may not even be able to get if you answered all your questions), and 50 Coins from commenting 5 times on friends’ answers. That’s 145 coins. That will afford you absolutely nothing. If you’re lucky, maybe one of the daily rewards will be some coins, but if not… :/ Even though Miitomo Drops usually last about a month, that gets you at most 4,350 Coins a month and then there are items that literally switch out everyday. There really shouldn’t be a limit to how many coins you can earn per day. If you want to play that much, you should be allowed to. Simple as that.

7. Other Animal Companions. I just really want my Puppy companion, okay?!

So, what do you most want to see? I hope Miitomo will keep getting improved over time.