E3 is so close!

So, I’m looking forward to E3. Not necessarily out of hoping for anything specific, but just because I have fun seeing the announcements–it’s part of why I love Nintendo Directs so much. I will be watching all of the presentations and hoping there will be games that get my attention.

Despite that, I don’t really have any predictions like most people do. I mean, I’d expect them to talk about the Ruby and Sapphire remakes (and hope for game footage) plus Smash Brothers stuff, but I think that’s kind of a given?

I do wonder if they will mention Tomodachi Life at all despite it being released before then. Similarly, I wonder if the Wii U version of Pushmo will be out at all despite it being out shortly after E3 and a trailer already being up:

(I am looking forward to getting it–also looking forward to Mario Kart arriving in the mail tomorrow… Sad I had to work today and wasn’t able to go to the Nintendo Store event :( (also looking forward to the Gamecube Controller USB Adapter thing) )

As for stuff I’d LIKE to see… nothing that I actually consider ever has a chance of happening.

The closest I can think of is Little Big Planet 3 which is kind of mixed because:
1. I still haven’t finished 2–still have some Acing to do with the extra packs.
2. I’m not fond of the Move or Vita packs as I don’t find either very comfortable and I feel those would be used even more in a third game.
3. I wasn’t fond of how some items were removed from inventories and re-put in the game to earn again. Some of those items were quite hard to earn in LBP1 as it is–wasn’t fun to have to get them all over again and while I didn’t use most of the ones that this happened to, my fiancé did.

Maybe a chance for a new Modnation Racers? But I think since Little Big Planet Karting happened (which in my opinion wasn’t even as good), it’s unlikely.

I also hope we’ll see stuff of the new Harvest Moon game… which is Story of Seasons and not done by Natsume and is being done by XSEED which is one of Marvelous’ branches so I GUESS that makes sense but I’m still incredibly confused about it.

But like I said, besides that, I truly can’t think of anything in particular I really want to see that has any chance of happening. What kind of things do I dream of that are never going to happen?

1. A Pokemon Snap sequel. I think they could do a lot with it–especially if the 3DS itself acted like the camera. You go around and kind of like how Denpa Man works, you’d see the Pokemon in the real world–possibly based off where you go or what you’re looking at… just randomly generated and you get to try and catch it (or instantly like the Google Map’s Pokemon Challenge thing). Then connect to the Wii U to upload them, show them to Professor Oak, maybe unlock stuff, etc. I just think it’d be really cool.

2. A Pokemon MMO – Besides the fact that as new games with new Pokemon come out (although, I am kind of tired of new Pokemon) there can be expansions, I feel that the idea of Pokemon which is exploring around with these Pokemon you become friends with and also other trainers is really neat and could work well with an MMO. Not to mention there could be two different fighting styles–a turn-based type like the games and a more action-type that is similar to the Anime where you would get control of the Pokemon and actually get to use it to properly dodge or do combinations you wouldn’t normally get to do. You could actually make a secret hide out somewhere, decorate your own room, customize your trainer, and explore every region.

Heck, I’d be happy for a Pokemon game that would just let me go to every region in one already T__T

Regardless, I know those won’t happen, but it’s still kind of fun to dream. And it doesn’t lessen the excitement of E3 for me.

And maybe I’ll even see something for the Xbox I want (enough that I’ll pick up an Xbox One)–sadly, the last Xbox game I really liked was Kinectimals which I couldn’t play that well because our “living room” area isn’t large enough for the Kinect to read us properly :/ So bleh.

There is one thing that I really hope is announced though and will be upset if it isn’t… Jigglypuff better be announced as a returning fighter in Smash Brothers. T__T SHE MUST RETURN.

But yes, now back to waiting @-@ (and dreaming of one day actually being able to go to E3 and see it live!)