Nintendo Direct & New StreetPass games!

So, Thursday morning a new Nintendo Direct aired and it was really good. While there are people complaining because of the lack of NX footage or mention, they already said it was going to be 3DS focused. I’m sure we’ll see NX stuff later this month around Tokyo Game Show.

It’s been such a long time since I felt so excited during most of a Nintendo Direct. While not everything interested me, I still really enjoyed it and I’m looking forward to a lot of things. If you haven’t watched it yet, you can watch it on their Youtube channel!

We started off with Pokemon news and more will be coming next week. I don’t have too much to say other than that it’s neat we can download a Munchlax when it first comes out. Pulverizing Pancake is a beautiful name for an attack.

I’m probably one of the few people who doesn’t care much for Super Mario Maker on the 3DS. I don’t have much interest in the main game, my favorite part of the main game is exclusive to the Wii U, and I just generally prefer console games so it just doesn’t have any interest for me. At the moment, I’m still waiting for a non-2D Platformer Mario.

Speaking of games I prefer on consoles over handhelds… there’s the next Mario Party. I haven’t really enjoyed a Mario Party a lot since 8 though sadly :( And just never enjoy the handheld ones.

Then the first thing I was looking forward to and excited for showed up–news on the upcoming Animal Crossing update! I already spoke about it a little on my Animal Crossing site, but I’ll be talking much more over here. For one, the new 50 Amiibo Cards coming out look amazing and will all be characters that didn’t make it into New Leaf:
This makes me want to finish my current sets so badly before it comes out… But I just can’t afford to right now and it breaks my heart :(

The new trailer area looks great (and I’m curious about that dog–a new NPC for the area?) and I just am so excited for it:
Everything about it just looks so neat.

Japan mentioned the full Animal Crossing direct will be coming out November 2nd and their cards will be out on the 3rd. Europe is getting the cards on the 11th and for whatever reason, ours are a whole month later. I have no idea why, but it’s pretty disappointing that we won’t get to experience part of the update due to that unless we import cards :( Japan lists the physical version with the update for the 23rd so the update will most likely be between the 3rd and then… So Europe and Japan can likely prepare with cards or at least have them much sooner than we do for the Update. And Japan is already having a whole special Hello Kitty set of cards:
I don’t really understand some of the Animal choices, but I want them anyway. Apparently they will be in special packs only sold at 7-11–there will be 2 cards per pack along with a collaborative sticker so you’ll need 3 packs minimum to get them all… I don’t really want to gamble with packs from Japan so I hope I can find the set online.

I’m hoping the full Animal Crossing Direct will talk about some of the “cosplay” features and new items that were hinted to in the images shown, but I’m just really excited and now that my town is all fixed up again, I am ready to go.

Now, if I wasn’t hyped enough, next was a lovely announcement for the StreetPass Mii Plaza which I still absolutely adore. MORE GAMES. I am so happy!! I’m terrible at all of them but still! :D I uploaded a video playing them all if you’d rather watch than read, but let’s get to it!

Before I talk about the games themselves, they added several quality of life updates–such as being able to queue up to 100 Mii in a holding line if you have the VIP Room. I have mixed feelings on this because it’d just be so much more useful if you could just have 100 on line and games took them one at a time rather than checking every 10 and putting them in a queue over playing with them. It just doesn’t feel as convenient as it sounds.

Mostly though, they added some stuff to get you in quickly and back out–and that’s essentially the theme of the games as well, everything is quick. Also, I’m still not entirely sure what this is for but I got a cute pin on my Mii now and I love it:
You can also search through your Mii Plaza with a filter which is just incredibly handy. Now I’ve made sure all my gold pants Miis are in the VIP room. Except the one that wouldn’t let me add it for some reason *shakes fist*

But yes, onto the games themselves! I’ll go in order and start with Slot Car Rivals, one of the two games you can get for free.

This is definitely one of my favorites if only for the car customization. You can customize without any effect to stats and that is something I’ve been dying for in Nintendo games and I really hope they can start doing that for all their games because Mario Kart has slowly been getting ruined for me due to it and it was part of the issue I had with Splatoon too.

The race courses are still fun, but it’s such a strict learning curve and it takes a while to get used to the timing. The courses do have nice designs though.

It reminds me a lot of the Mario Party Minigame Slot Car Derby and it’s just pretty fun.

Next up is the other option for the free game–Market Crashers which involves Miis giving you a bit of a prediction on how the market will go and quickly buying and selling stocks to try and build up money. You can also buy souvenirs to fill a museum of sorts which is really neat.

The main thing with this game though is it just goes by so incredibly fast. I feel like I’m at least playing Slot Car Derby longer, but getting through the games quickly is pretty much the theme with these new StreetPass games.

Feed Mii is the first of the games you have to purchase and it’s pretty cute. You essentially cook for Knights who are going off to fight similar enemies you’d find in Find Mii.

I would say my only complaint with it is the way ingredients work. Ignoring that some recipes are a bit hard to figure out. you can only have 5 left over for your fridge–everything else is tossed and that really stinks. While you have the opportunity to make new dishes/test out new recipes or even improve on ones you’ve made using the ingredients you have to get down to 5, it sucks to feel so limited–especially when it’s best to try and perfect the dishes. Thankfully, it seems you will always get asked to make a dish you have the stuff for–there is just no guarantee you’ll be able to create the Artisan version. The food looks pretty good though:

Ninja Launcher is the next game and is probably my least favorite of the set. More or less, you are a Ninja. You get shot out of a cannon to get to the enemies, but because your clothes will catch on fire, you have to take them off and catch them as you’re going through the air to the enemy.

The more clothes you manage to get, the more damage you’ll do. It’s as weird as it sounds, lining them all up quick enough is a pain, and if you only have one Mii streetpassed, you’ll be doing so little damage at a time, it’s just kind of worthless. I do love the design of the Apprentice though–all the NPCs in this batch of Mii games are amazing, but she probably has one of my favorite designs:

Finally, the last game is Mii Trek which I really like–it’s kind of similar to Find Mii in a way, but with a focus more on Exploring than Fighting.

You also collect stuff. It’s great. This one and the Slot Car game are probably my favorites.

My only complaint is similar to with Ninja Launcher, it’s incredibly limited if you do not have more Miis. You can also lose Miis or cause steps to be lost by certain actions and it actually ruined one of my plays as I lost the one Mii that actually had a good amount of steps :(

Regardless, all the games are fun in their own way and while they are quick and have their own ingame achievements, they do not have any tickets. You do get a special hat and bubble for buying them and another set once you’ve completed the game.

Tank Troopers was up next which kind of reminded me of the Tank game in Wii Play so it definitely looks interesting–I don’t know if I’ll get it or not, but I may at least keep an eye out for it.

After that was Picross 3D Round 2, but I’m just not a huge Picross fan. I do think it looks neat though.

We were then shown some stuff for the Zelda 30th Anniversary including THESE AMAZING AMIIBO:
We preordered them all. They will have special functionality in Breath of the Wild too which I’m super excited about.

I’m going to skip over some things now as I just genuinely don’t have much to say ^^; And while I probably won’t get Yo-Kai Watch 2, Sailor Nyan is adorable:

And then we got to something I was happy to see they did show, Disney Magical World 2! It wasn’t really anything new or that I didn’t know–the only thing that concerns me is the mention of the pre-purchase bonus as it sounds like it is exclusive to the eShop and I plan to buy the game physically so that’s a bit disappointing. I hope it’s just a general preorder bonus. On the website, it does seem like it is a general preorder bonus thankfully though so yay. It seems I should get the codes through an email so I just need to keep my eye out for it :) Even if I’ll probably never actually wear the Olaf costume or Anna’s and Elsa’s outfits…

The game comes out October 14th so I really hope I get a lot done in Style Savvy and other things finished up before it comes out <3 It just looks so great. Towards the end after Bill came back, we started with this scene: poochyyay

It turns out Yoshi’s Woolly World is coming over to the 3DS which I ad mixed feelings on–we still have to finish the Wii U version and I don’t really care about replaying a lot of what I already did. But then they showed the Poochy features:
And the Poochy Amiibo:
And thus, now I have the bundle preordered so thanks, Nintendo. But seriously, how am I supposed to resist this:

We also got to see a little more Ever Oasis, but it hasn’t really given more of an idea than what we saw at E3.

Finally, while I didn’t mention it, I’m still super excited for Ace Attorney Spirit of Justice, even if I am disappointed it will be digital only again. I’ll take it over never getting it at all though.

I was say we didn’t hear anything about Lady Layton and Detective Pikachu, though. Japan didn’t even hear about Detective Pikachu Episode 2… I really want to hear these games coming overseas ;~; <3 Regardless, it was a great Nintendo Direct. Now back to getting more StreetPasses for the new games <3