Happy Home Designer – April Challenge and Disney Magical World 2 – Spring begins!

Well, it’s the first of the month and that means it’s time for a new challenge in Happy Home Designer! The Video version is over here.

Theme: An energy boost. The fact that the preview is the Sun doesn’t bode well on how much I’ll have to work with here. And the other item is the giant egg. So I went with like… a super sporty kind of place? I have no idea. Sort of gym-ish? With crazy buffets?

Rating Address: 0900-5701-211

I’m really curious how the translations compare to the Japanese challenges considering how much some of the normal Villager ones vary.

But yes, moving onto Disney Magical World 2, today started the Easter/Spring Event stuff. Items will now start showing up in Scrooge’s Shop and the Fortune Teller’s Place will have all the recipes available for sale. You’ll also get Spring Medals for inviting over visitors from online. If you’re still playing Disney Magical World 1, the event also starts today, though, items are a bit more annoying to find and mmost are through favors. That said, there are some items gotten through favors in Disney Magical World 2 as well–two each from Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Daisy respectively. Unfortunately, it’s random and you could even get the same multiple times so fingers crossed… While I already uploaded a video showing everything, here are some pictures who prefer the blog part of the site more:

I always love seeing all the decorations laid out. I think my favorites for the Spring/Easter decorations are the Bunny Ears on the mailboxes of the various houses and the pink Magic Castle Gate. The Basket Centerpieces would be a close second though. I also really like the ones on the trees:

After buying out Scrooge’s, I headed to the Fortune Teller to buy all the new recipes and then hopped off to the Cafe to make them:

They definitely focus much more on spring. I would say the more expensive dessert is my favorite of the six.

Finally, I threw a small party–I’m still missing several things so I couldn’t do a FULL party, but Minnie and Daisy still stopped by:

I really wish the Holiday events had their own songs, but at least this song is one of my favorites.