AC: HHD – Despite downtime, House making continued!

So, if you don’t follow my Twitter or Facebook page, you might have been confused to see the site down recently! Short version is we needed to upgrade the server and thus, downtime while the site was transferred to a better server. The upgrades have finally been complete so I really hope you guys will be seeing the site having much better up-time and loading now.

Despite the site’s downtime though, I still wanted to play some more HHD and continue the “Houses for Everyone” goal. As always, you can see the videos over on my Youtube Channel–they’ve already been uploaded so you may have watched them already if you’re subscribed to my Youtube channel, but if you’ve been waiting for the written versions to go along with them, well, here we go!

Skye – An art studio.

Rating Address: 0707-5752-520

Jambette – A dressing room.

Rating Address: 0006-5752-510

Iggly – A winter-sports paradise.

Rating Address: 0506-5752-590

Opal – A serene spa.

Rating Address: 0206-5752-580

Tipper – A dairy farm.

Rating Address: 0806-5752-600

Soleil – A summery stronghold.

Rating Address: 0600-5751-587

Due to the amount, I’m going to go ahead and put the rest under a nice Read more tag :P So people can click to continue or just scroll as needed.

Ruby – A Room for moon gazing.

Rating Address: 0200-5751-577

Curt – A glory-days trophy room.

Rating Address: 0407-5751-557

Cobb – A secret research lab.

Rating Address: 0207-5751-677

Bella – A place to practice singing.

Rating Address: 0906-5751-697

Goose – A room for waking up early.

Rating Address: 0106-5751-637

Astrid – A playful rock studio.

Rating Address: 0800-5752-587

Pinky – A feng-shui flow.

Rating Address: 0700-5752-507

Boomer – A captain’s cockpit.

Rating Address: 0500-5752-567

Gala – The town bank.

Rating Address: 0707-5752-647

Poppy – A pet-friendly paradise.

Rating Address: 0007-5752-587

Tiffany – A gorgeous celebrity home.

Rating Address: 0507-5752-637