Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer – The Final Challenge

So, this May brings us the 20th and final Happy Home Challenge. I’m sad to see them end despite not really having much fun with them anymore. This probably means no more updates for HHD in general as well, but hopefully that does mean we can finally hear more about the mobile game soon. While I know others are eager for a Switch version of AC, I personally am okay waiting a bit longer, though, I know I will be playing it constantly. :P

But yes, onto the final Happy Home Designer challenge!

May 2017 – An underwater emergency. – See, and like… this is why I don’t really have fun with them anymore. I guess the submarine is supposed to be getting water flooded into it? And you want to block it with the Giant Resetti? But it’s so weird

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I did my best at least, but I kind of wish it was a better theme to end off with. :( Regardless, even though the challenges are over, we’ll be continuing with HHD until every Villager has had a house made. <3