AC: HHD – Getting more houses done!

So despite the lack of getting to play these last few days, I’m still going my best to hopefully get more HHD done at a more… regular schedule. Honestly, it’s just so hard sometimes because I adore the game, but the themes just end up feeling so repetitive down the road and I feel like if I at least got a chance to know what they wanted better (like showing me everything they bring over instead of just what items are new), maybe I could help make them more unique, but it’s just hard sometimes. And while I could just go full-tilt into what I want to give them versus whatever theme they give me, I don’t really want to play the game that way.

But yes, onto the houses!

Hugh – Eat, drink, sleep. Repeat.

Rating Address: 0799-5759-657

Vic – A pirate’s refuge.

Rating Address: 0992-5759-597

Lucha – A pro-wrestling arena.

Rating Address: 0792-5759-677

Fang – A chair showroom.

Rating Address: 0395-5759-637

Alfonso – A starry-sky cake dream.

Rating Address: 0791-5759-687

Pompom – A splashy, modern garden.

Rating Address: 0504-5759-697

Becky – A classical conservatory.

Rating Address: 0209-5759-697