E3 Opinion time~

So, I figured it’d be fun to write up my thoughts about E3. This won’t really be a huge amount of things nor will I be commenting on everything as I am going to just focus on stuff I really have anything to say on (due to excitement or other reasons). I don’t expect to have much to say on Day 3 since the “big” conferences will be over, but if anything comes up I’ll edit it in.

Day 1

So, today started with Microsoft with actually… really surprised me. I’ll be honest–I’m usually completely disappointed or uninterested in Microsoft, but they actually really got my hopes up and I may look into getting an Xbox One sometime this year now.

While Call of Duty looked interesting (and the graphics looked nice), it isn’t really my kind of game. Forza Horizon 2 looks really neat though and I’ll probably end up picking that up (Despite my drifting complaints, I enjoy racing games).

Sunset Overdrive was probably the first “new” game that really got me excited–at first, I didn’t really care much for it (felt the monsters would be more zombified), but it’s just bright and colorful and the monsters aren’t nightmare-ish and the rail grinding really makes me think of how much fun I had on Sonic Adventure games (I miss that series so much) and it just made me excited about it. I’m curious about the customization options and hope there’s a Co-Op with normal gameplay as well.

Still very excited for Project Spark–though, now that I am considering getting an Xbox One, I’m undecided about what to get it on. I also really enjoyed most of the music featured throughout Microsoft’s Press Conference so I hope to find a list of music they used.

And the new Tomb Raider was shown as well–which while I know we’ll be for all systems (we will probably get it for PS4), I was still really excited to see and it was a nice note to end the excitement for me on Microsoft’s.

However, while Microsoft actually got me excited and hyped up, EA smacked it right back down. Star Wars Battlefront looks really nice, but it’s still early concept. The only other thing that got me excited at all was Sims 4 and the ending left me feeling mortified and uncomfortable (I’ll expand on this later) so even that fell flat in the end.

I did think EA’s seating area looked rather fancy though.

It was then time for Ubisoft and I’ll be honest, I wasn’t thrilled to see Aisha Tyler as host again–I know she likes video games, but I just don’t find her funny and I find her more vulgar than she really needs to be so… That said, Ubisoft’s conference already started off iffy for me–while I enjoyed the music in the previous Shows, Ubisoft has a tendency to go towards a lot of newer music which to be blunt, I really don’t care for. Both songs they showcased at the beginning are songs I just don’t like much for various reasons (Sure, the meaning is nice, but I still dislike a lot of what makes up the songs).

No games ended up catching my attention, but I did notice a trend with Ubisoft’s trailers… a lot of death. It’s one thing where it’s gameplay (and even then, depending on what may still bother me–usually more towards scripted sequences though such as the head on the pike during Asassin’s Creed: Unity during Microsoft–that whole segment of showing the face and then zooming out to show it on the pike was really disturbing to me), but it’s another where they are showing you a trailer and it leads with murdering a family or nearly everyone or an animal and it’s like… don’t show this kind of trailer. Seriously. It just made me super upset and I don’t really care if it’s for story reasons–why do you need to show something like that in a Public Trailer?

The fact that EA went and did it as a joke (Look, the guy died from laughter!) is sick in itself. I mean, I guess maybe they wanted to show that off? But that actually turns me off the game. I don’t want to have one of my Sims laughing at a joke and then keel over. Just really disappointing to me.

Anyway, the last conference of the day was Sony’s! It started with Destiny which is a game I’m interested in trying, but not quite sure how I feel about it just yet overall.

One thing I had been thankful for was the lack of Zombies or creepy Humanoids to the point they are still noticeably human which Sony’s new IP kind of brought up. I’m not entirely sure if they are bad enough just yet, but they do creep me out quite a bit. It’s hard to tell for sure though.

Thankfully, the next game was a lot prettier :P The Swan/Bird and Fish were very cute/pretty, as was the music. The game is apparently called Entwined, but I’m not sure if it’s something I’d play despite how pretty it looks. It does look like it could be kind of relaxing though? Or that’s supposed to be the goal kind of like Flower. It is out now so it’s something to debate on.




I hope they can also be customized! I hope we can transfer our data like 1 to 2. Anyway, the game looks just like past games and great–it doesn’t seem to require Move or Vita which is nice (though, I can see the DLC packs already) so I’m just hoping it at least doesn’t do the take away items thing to re-put in the game. While I have mixed feelings on more characters (despite how cute they are), I am still excited. I hope you can also choose to be a Sackboy/girl though and still play without all 4 characters. I mean, I can see us wanting to both play Sackpeople so… (no offense to Oddsock, Toggle, and Swoop). Out of the 3 new characters, Oddsock is probably my favorite. PLUS COW RIDING. I’m so so so so so so so excited. And a bit worried. But excited. Probably the first game for me to start squeeing about and this November no less!

Of course the excitement was short lived as I got completely creeped out by the next game. I’m just…not even going to talk about it, but apparently their new IP was not the worst. And the next trailer for FarCry4 made me feel bad for a Goat… Catchy music in the cute car though. The scenery with the Elephants was also very pretty.

Very excited by the idea that your friends on PSN can join you even if you don’t have it. I hope that will be featured in more games. Of course, that excitement was short-lived by yet another zombie game trailer. And by that applause, I think I may not be the only one sick of them (Of course, I get sick of them in multiple ways)… And then a poor Kitty went poof in a Magicka 2 trailer and just what is with these trailers :/

Not too much caught my eye after, but No Man’s Sky had really pretty scenery. I loved seeing all the Dinosaurs and stuff. It was nice to see. ABZÛ was also quite pretty–kind of reminded me of Endless Ocean. I may look into getting that.

As a quick note (I was debating on saving it for later, but…), while not much was said for Disney Infinity (I am personally leaning towards getting it for Wii U), it seems Sony will be getting Disney Infinity 2.0 first. It also hinted towards some of the Disney Afternoon characters (such as Darkwing Duck) which is really exciting.

Moving on, Playstation TV was announced with a 99 dollar price tag which I don’t find too bad. Will probably pick it up when it comes out. There was also a trailer for Mortal Kombat–I used to really enjoy the series, but have found it kind of…too disgusting/graphic with how realistic it’s gotten. So many people want constant realism and high quality graphics, but for me, I don’t think that’s always a good thing…

We then returned back to starting off and showing incredibly sad moments in trailers when not entirely needed X__x At least the Ratchet & Clank movie looked interesting–I’ve never played the games before though so…

Batman’s trailer looked neat–I liked seeing how big the world was and the Batmobile mechanics looked cool. There wasn’t much else after that caught my attention so that’s really it for what I have to say about Sony and that finished up Day 1!

I think Microsoft was probably my favorite of Day 1 as it overall kept me at an excitement level versus Sony where it was a lot of up and down–Sony probably had the game that made me most excited on Day 1 though with LittleBigPlanet 3. I didn’t care much for EA or Ubisoft, but I’d probably put EA above Ubisoft–Ubisoft may have been less boring at times, but even ignoring the trailer issues I had, EA had two things I was interested in, even if one was a very early demo essentially and the other got ruined towards the end, while Ubisoft really didn’t have anything.

Day 2

So, Nintendo came out first with a…very interesting opening to say the least and confirmation for Miis in Smash Brothers! It seems you can choose a move set? Considering the difference in Reggie’s and Iwata’s. I’m so excited. Plus it seems using the Nintendo Figures, you can like… scan the figures into support trophies or use them as a tag team fighter? There’s Brawler, Fighter, and Gunner it seems–I kind of wish there was a magic class too, but oh well. I’ll probably use Sword or Gunner? I also like how it seems they come in with their Mii Plaza hats. Now if only I could unlock them all already…

Plus, we got a release date! It’s later than Summer, but I’m still happy for it.

Amiibo seems interesting plus with lots of function from various figures, it sounds like lots of options too. Really excited that it will update as it goes too :D Apparently they will be able to be used in Mario Kart 8–definitely a way to get more characters.

I’m still undecided if I’ll pick up Yoshi’s Woolly World–it’s really cute/pretty, but I tend to be pretty awful at Yoshi games. It looks like a lot of fun though T~T Plus Co-op so yay :D I also loved the Crochet Yoshis they made T~T (PLEASE PUT THESE IN STORES FOR US TO BUY) And it shall be out in 2015 <3 Plus a Captain Toad game later this year! :D So exciting. The New Zelda looks beautiful and really expansive. I kind of wish they showed a bit more , but it cut suddenly right into Pokemon which I found a bit awkward? I mean, I'm excited for Pokemon too, but it was an awkward cut in my opinion... On a brighter note, we now have a day for Pokemon! While I'm not too sure how I feel about Hyrule Warriors, I think Zelda's outfit looks quite nice. tumblr_n6yr2oRCzU1qfwzeuo2_1280
I just really adore the skirt and bodice/corset design T~T

Similarly, I don’t see myself getting Canvas’ Curses sequel, but it looks cute.

Mario Maker looks neat–not sure how much I’d use it myself but it could be fun and the fact that it seems you can make it in old or new style is pretty cool too. (Also, if Mario Ballet is anything like Figure Skating in the Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympics, I’d totally play that :P)

Splatoon looks interesting–it’s a neat idea and stuff, but I don’t really see myself playing it because I can’t aim worth crud :P Very cute character design too though. Pink!Squid is my favorite because I said so. :P It does look cute though and fun so I’ll probably still at least look into it.

And new character from Smash Brothers–Palutena! But… what about Jigglypuff T~T I really liked the Anime cutscene to show it (and would totally watch a Smash Brothers Anime). She looks a lot of fun to play as. That finished it up though (with Miyamoto talking a bit after and showing some stuff). I really enjoyed it, but I wish it was longer. I’m guessing they plan to do more announcements through the Tree House and stuff.

The first thing after the conference was talking more about the Amiibo figures. I’m pretty excited about them–especially the idea of fighting alongside them. I can use all my favorite Smash Brothers characters at once and not be indecisive :P Definitely grabbing the Kirby, Peach, and Pikachu figures.
They really are quite pretty.

Also, yay for several games they will be in!



They mentioned a bit on Mario Party 19–not sure how I feel about Bowser being the star (I don’t care to play Bowser), but I quickly went to watch the trailer :3 Sadly, it seems cars are back :( And I don’t care much for the constant 1 vs 4 gameplay (1 vs 3 games were usually my least favorite to be honest) so I’m not sure if I will get it or not.

As said, “Don’t close your browser ever” sounds so accurate right now. I’m just so hyped at the moment.

Still not sure how to feel about Sonic Boom just yet. I’m not fond of the weird laser mechanic and the voices seem kind of off outside cutscenes. Still mixed feelings on the new models as well :/ But they at least look better versus the original showing of them. Not too fond of Sticks kind of crossing off Amy in the 3DS version either (nor do I know how to feel about the character–I mean, there is already a kind of Outback character too if that’s what they were trying for…).

Similarly, I’m not sure if Giant Robot is a game I’d play, but it looks neat and I like that you can customize your robot.

Hyrule Warriors has an adorable loading screen with cute pixel Link :P

Also, who doesn’t enjoy SpotPass Miis!:

We got to hear about Mario Maker next–it was fun seeing them make stages, but I don’t know how often I’d do it myself. It still looks fun though… but I really want to know about the dog by the trash can:
I think it’d be neat if you could use other characters besides Mario too :P

The skinny mushroom was also quite amusing. And I enjoyed the musical wings. The levels they showed off was also amusing. And fairly cruel too :P Enjoyed the end of the second to last course though. And we found out the dog is Undo… I wish it did more than that T~T Still a cute icon though!

Moving from Nintendo, Square-Enix’s video (Square-Enix Presents)! So many cute plushies and figures T~T I want the Moogle Plushie and Aerith figure the most. I also enjoyed hearing all the music. And I know many people who are quite excited about their game announcements :P

Anyway, this has gotten longer than expected and it’s time for the Smash Tournament shortly (Love the cool character select posters) so I will end here! If I decide to write more, I’ll either edit this later or write more–this already ended up a lot longer than I expected o-o

Edit: And I need the matching Pink Peach Gamecube Controller:

Edit 2: And Nintendo keeps going T~T So excited for customized fighters! Plus it sounds like you can customize your Mii’s clothing which I’m excited to see the options.

Mixed feelings on the Equipment thing for everyone though. Don’t really care for systems like that–I hope the equipment isn’t shown at least if it has to be there.

I don’t play online, but I think it’s kind of lame you can only use Mii Fighters online when playing with friends…