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More Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp thoughts

Though, this time, after playing for several hours. For whatever reason, Australia ended up putting it up for download on the Google Play Store today instead of next month when it was planned. Because Animal Crossing is a real time game, I didn’t want to miss out on anything so I did my best to download it as well (I just… hope I can change my country in the game to match properly so I can connect it to my Nintendo Account…).

After playing it, while I had a lot of fun, I also felt a bit… bored at points too. The game feels very sectioned in a way and I don’t know if it’s intentional or part of the fact that this is technically a month early.

To explain what I mean, everything is kind of on a 3-4 hour rotation. Villagers on the map switch, shop merchandise switches, trees grow fruit back, etc. You do have a inventory limit as well (at least for things like bugs, fish, fruit, and seashells–about 105 total) so you can’t just stock up on everything in advance either.

In general, what I’ve found I’m having the hardest time earning is just… bells. NPCs only buy furniture (which cost money to even make and because you unlock more villagers visiting your campsite through items, I’d rather not sell any until I have everyone incase items are used again) and most of the gatherables sell for very little (Anywhere from 10-100). When you get about 100 or so from completing quests, it just feels more worth it to save everything until you get a request from a villager asking for things.

And between the item limits, smaller split up areas (I really hope we can upgrade our campsite at some point to have more room to place things), and the bell problems, I feel like there’s a lot of artificial waiting that even the Leaf Tickets don’t really help with. As it is, I’ve found it cost a ridiculous amount more for a few missing crafting supplies versus speeding something up. I had to spend about 80 for 3-4 Essences I was short of, but if I wanted to speed up the 12 hour build, it only would’ve been 55 which seems really odd to me.

It’s possible they’re still trying to balance it all out and I do think most of my “issues” can be sorted out with some patches and updates as the game goes on, but right now I just wish I could find better ways to earn bells.

In the meantime, I think I’m going to start putting everything away except for whatever villager I am trying to attract until I figure out how I want my camp site to look in the first place.

On a different note, clothing seems to be based on face type again and if anyone gets a nice pink top or dress and some white tights (and ballet slippers or cute shoes) they can sell me, let me know ;~;


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