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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp – Day 2 Recap

Continuing along, we have our day 2 recap which… may be our last full recap unless I start like… documenting every single request I do. Regardless, I’ll go over my accomplishments in the last 24 hours, current things, and also why I haven’t actually streamed the game like I hoped to.

So, the main goal of Day 2 was essentially extreme Amenity Building. As I mentioned last time, I had hit the level limit with some of the Villagers and so, I needed to start working on every Essence’s Tent to get that level cap up. Thanks to a donation to buy some leaf tickets, I was able to not only max out each tent, but get the first level of each of the next tier of amenities which are what I’m struggling to level up now.

Right now, Cool and Natural are at level 3, Sporty is at level 2, and Cute is at level 4. I’d love to get Cute to level 5 today and maybe even make the Merry-Go-Round, but Cute Essences are the… worst to earn and I still need 12 more just to get the Tree Swing to level 5 (not to mention it’ll take 48 hours on top of that).

I actually used to have a lot of Sporty Essences, but had to start selling them because I had too small of a space for them an you got so many for early goals. Speaking of goals, I only have four left which are all placing furniture type goals–I need to place 4 of each of the Polka-dot Series, Sleek Series Kiddie Series, and Blue Series to finish them off. I’ll get 10 Leaf Tickets for each one.

Thus, there are only two ways for me to get essences right now without spending real money:
-Befriending villagers (Which, thanks to the Amenity building, I can now get each of them to level 15)
-Shovelstrike Quarry (where you’re lucky if you get more than one) – Not only is it random which kind (though, it at least tells you in advance), you can only play once a day for free/through friends. You can only play every 3 hours if you pay with Leaf Tickets (a cost of 20) to access it.
-Or, of course, you can use Leaf Tickets to make up the cost of Essences missing. However, For every Essence you’re missing, it’s 20 Leaf Tickets, so if you’re only missing about four, that’s still 80 tickets.

You can technically sometimes get them randomly when talking to a villager at your camp as well, but I find it’s quite rare.

I feel like Everything involving Essences are just very very broken. You need to make all the buildings to continue to level up through leveling up your friendship with villagers, but that same way is exactly the main way you’re supposed to earn them in the first place. The cost is way too much with Leaf Tickets and it also sucks that you can’t really sell to friends. Many of my friends aren’t bothering with Cute Villagers at all and have a large amount of spare Cute Essences, but unfortunately, you can only sell Fruit, Bugs, Seashells, and Fish to other players.

This seems like… such a huge oversight because wow would I love to sell clothes or help friends when there’s stuff being sold that I don’t want that they might. And also crafting stuff too? But nope, not possible! There’s not tons of friend activity in this game and while I can understand most of it, the limit on what we can sell to each other is silly. (Also, on a side note, I wish we could tell if we gave Kudos to a friend already… That way I won’t revisit someone I already gave kudos to after they give kudos to me again… Similarly, a tab just to see who needs a hand rather than searching through your friend’s list).

In the end, I spent nearly all my Platinum Points on MyNintendo for stuff in the game as you can get crafting materials and bells and Bells continue to be the bane of my existence in this game only second to Essences.

A good amount of that money I actually ended up putting towards my loan at OK Motors.

I had expected the 50K one to be the last, but now I have a 100K loan after they increased the first floor of my RV again… I’m guessing the next upgrade will be increasing the upstairs to match, but I’m curious if that will be it or there will be more. I really want to know what happens when you finish, but who knows when I’ll have 100,000 to pay this one off–let alone future ones.

In the meantime, I managed to move two more villagers in. It’s mostly slow right now because beside bells and crafting material issues, the timers have gotten… so long for like 90% of what I’m trying to make. Right now I have one item at 5 hours, one item at about 4 hours, and another at 2 hours… Many have been 8-12 hours at this point and this is one of the biggest parts of why I’m not really streaming it.

Right now, I’m kind of stuck. My inventory is full so all I can really do if there’s no new requests is run around catching things and immediately having to sell them. Earning coins is just so slow this way too as most items just do not sell for much and it’s better to put them to requests so it just genuinely feels like a waste. And even with shaking trees, I’ve only found bells that way once now.

Maybe I progressed too fast, who knows, but with the long crafting times and full inventory, I’m mostly just… waiting and that’s not really much to show at all.

I was very happy to unlock Peanut at least and I just… buried her in requests (finally using my request tickets) until I could. She’s the only one of my favorite villagers available right now so…

Next, I’m hoping to focus on getting Sandy, Bitty, and Hopkins leveled up. Mostly because I really want their level 15 gifts–Sandy gives the Afternoon Tea Set, Bitty gives the outside Light-up Heart, and Hopkins gives a cool gameboy thing. I hope Sandy will show up again soon–haven’t seen her in a while and I sadly used all of my call tickets already :/ (And it’s 30 to call a villager without one…)

Also, as you may have noticed from some of the pictures, I found an outfit I’m okay with for now:

There’s a lot I’m hoping to get though. I think the Bubblegum Shirt and the White Tights are my biggest priorities and maybe one of the boots too.

I’ve also finally decorated my RV a tiny bit:

But I’m still going to hold off doing so fully until I unlock more villagers and stuff.

And finally, another cute screenshot to end on:


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