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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Days 3-10

So, things have been a bit slower since our last update, but I figured I’d work on getting this done with some recent accomplishments!

First of all, I’ve hit level 44. I stopped getting new villagers at level 36 because there’s currently only 40 in the game, but I’m sure they’ll add more. Speaking of villagers, I now have 33 that can be hosted and just 7 left to go:

I have to say, being able to play automatically is a godsend since I can just have it put them away after and restore my layout without ruining everything and thank god.

I also managed to get all the tier 2 amenities to level 5:

And even created most of the final tiers of each:

I still need more Cool Essences for the Cool one (which are also used to level up the Merry-go-Round…) and I’ve been having a terrible time earning them sadly. Finally started stocking up on cute ones somehow at least. Also I love this little rubber ducky by the pool:

Too cute. It’s grown out of it’s little kiddie pool to the big pools now. I really wish we could place more amenities though, honestly. Two feels too few at this point :/ Three would be nice (though, I’d love four or five…). Maybe one day we can make the campsite itself bigger.

Fun random moments:

And more fun gifs:

I also just really want to highlight these two seashell ones:

I want that seashell necklace and the seashell collection case to be actual items, please.

And I finally got the pink top and white tights so now I feel at least more… color matching, but wow do I wish there were better clothes in this game, honestly:

I’ve also finally started putting some stuff in my RV so Renae can stop pointing it out :P

One thing I’ve been working on now, besides getting all the villagers in and trying to get them all to at least 15 for their crafting recipe (and earning cool essences) is trying to get all the rarer fish/bugs:

For the most part, I think I’ve gotten nearly all of them now: Koi, Rainbow Trout, Football Fish, Tuna, Blowfish Jewel Beetle, and Miyama Stag. And the more Uncommon ones but still are labeled as Rare: Black Bass, Red Snapper, Horned Dynastid
The only one I believe I’m still missing is the Emperor Butterfly which I’ve seen once, but my phone just… completely freaked out and didn’t register my tapping and this is why I hate touch screens :| In the end, I “took too long” and it flew away and I’m still bitter about it.

I’m also pretty close to having all the furniture made to move the last 7 villagers in–some I even have it all, but just need to get them to Friendship level 7. What I still need to make: Floor Seat, Kotatsu, Natural Table, Natural Table, and a Green Net. That’s it. I just need way more Cotton and Wood than I have:
-Natural Table: 120 Wood, 3 Natural Essences
-Kotatsu: 60 Wood, 60 Cotton, 3 Natural Essences
-Floor Seat: 90 Wood, 90 Cotton
-Natural Chair – 120 Cotton, 3 Natural Essences
-Green Net – 60 Metal, 60 Cotton, 3 Sporty Essences
Total: 270 Wood, 60 Metal, 330 Cotton, 9 Natural Essences, and 3 Sporty Essences. I’m good on Metal and Sporty Essences, but not so much the rest :/

I could make some of the other items I want, but I feel like keeping supplies up is just such a pain and I don’t feel right crafting random things for me when there’s still incomplete goals so to speak. While I find the timers reasonable, I find it hard to keep up with things sometimes because of it. I wish the fruit timers stayed aligned with the moving timers for one. But it’s hard to stock up on things when you keep hitting inventory limits. And while, yes, inventory limits have always been in the game, we also could litter the town or our house or storage with fruits–none of those options exist in the game. Even if I shake all the trees to keep fruit at the bottom to give me some extra fruit to work with, sometimes it’s still not enough because everyone wants 3 oranges and I only have 6 for the entire time period unless I buy more fertilizer.

I can already sense how annoying it will be when I’ll only have a handful of villagers to get to level 20 to with the randomness of it all x__x

In the meantime, I hope to pay off my next loan soon… I need 150 for it and they upgraded my first floor again. I’m really curious just how many are in the game… But I don’t really have a good way to earn bells yet :/


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