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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp – Gardening & new villagers

So, Pocket Camp has been rolling out the features recently, though, still no… clothing crafting feature which I’m sad about as it’s what I want the most (I haven’t gotten all the villagers to level 20 so I’m in no rush for new villagers and I’m not a huge fan of gardening). I expected it to come with Gardening since it was mentioned with it and when it didn’t, I figured maybe with the new villagers but nooope :( They’re already advertising the New Year Event so I just hope it comes soon.

Regardless, let’s go into recent stuff! I’m level 65 now and still have at least a few more levels to hit. I could probably calculate the max if I tried, but I’ll just let myself be surprised. I’ve gotten all of the original 40 villagers to at least level 15 so I’ve unlocked all their crafting things. 13 of them are at level 20 now, but most are 17-19 so I’m sure more will hit that number soon.

I also finally got my last expansion!:

It’ll be 250K to pay it off, but hopefully I’ll hit it eventually. I probably won’t actually pay it until I’m at 300K-400K though.

As for the new features, we’ll start with Gardening! Isabelle was pretty excited.

While my character may also look excited, in reality she’s wondering how much she’s going to suffer through all of this and just hopes they don’t die (Thankfully, they don’t).

The tutorial was pretty cute and I love having a Gyroid friend in the garden at least.

After lots of suffering hard work, I managed to get one of each flower in my garden:

Right now, I’m leaving them up for people to cross-pollinate with. Besides just wanting to help others out, it really does help with Friend Powder earning which is great as I suck at keeping up with Kudoing. I also really love the cute little gift you get when watering friends’ gardens:

It’s just a cute animation to be given friend powder. I kind of really want them to make it so you can gift your friends stuff.

Anyway, once I manage to get at least one of each seed onhand, I’m hoping to start working on getting enough flowers to trade in which I just… am not looking forward to at all :/ Ignoring that I’ll feel bad no longer having the flowers up for cross pollination (as I can’t just use 3 plots or this will take ages… Plus there will be events that use Gardening too), it’s just A LOT of flowers.

You’re essentially given the Potted Red Tulips right off the bat, but to get the rest of the items (16 Potted Plants, 17 Shirts, 17 Teddy Bears, 17 Minitables, 17 Fences, 17 Chairs, 17 Tees, and two Topiary), you need 175 Red Pansies, 165 Red Tulips, and 145 each of the other 15 flowers. That is A LOT of planting and a lot of harvesting and considering all colors besides Red and Yellow need to be cross-bred (which uses up a flower) to get the others? It’s just a ridiculous amount and I really hate it. It’s pretty random and it’s not fun, honestly. I would be less upset if it didn’t eat my flowers to cross-breed them, especially since it can fail, and while I get why it can’t do that, it’s just a huge monotonous grind quest and I really hate it.

At least I don’t have to water them I guess. :/

Moving onto the new villagers, besides well, being 7 new villagers, they’re all a brand new essence type–Rustic! Which also means we got some new Amenities. I really love the last Rustic one which is a Hot Air Balloon. It’s a ways off though.

Regardless, as soon as the update kicked in, I got to work. I invited over Vesta, June, and Marshal, my favorites of the new villagers:

I actually got really lucky and the other four gave on the next rotation without me inviting them. In the end, I was able to get everyone either level 7 or right about to hit 7 so I could invite them all:

And Marshal was my 50th villager!:

I’m up to 51 total now as everyone has been hosted once more.

I, of course, made the Rustic Tent pretty quickly so I wouldn’t hit any issues as I got them to 7:

And quickly upgraded it to level 3:

I also built the Hammock–it’s up to level 2 so far, but it’ll be a while before it hits level 5:

For now, I’m going to keep all 7 new Rustic villagers in my camp site for Rustic Essence Harvesting. And Bluebear is there too because I really want her level 15 gift. Hopefully I can max everyone’s levels and things before the next villager drop…


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