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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp – Rover’s Event

So, the next part of the event starts in about 30 minutes, thus, I figured I’d finally get this entry done. I’d been planning to write it since the event started last week, but haven’t been… in the best mind space so to speak. Before we get into other Pocket Camp things, I just genuinely want to talk about the event for a bit first. And honestly, I kind of hate it.

Despite finishing the event about two days after it started, I’ve found it very stressful. Even ignoring my general hate of gardening features due to finding it waaaay too monotonous, I just constantly felt I wouldn’t hit the numbers. And honestly, without so many people who shared butterflies with me, I don’t think I would have as I had some awful luck with actually catching them, often being lucky if I caught even 25% of the butterflies that were given out (and yes, that includes when I had butterflies on all 20 flowers).

If you haven’t been playing or maybe just want a quick overview, this is how the event works:
-There are special Dahlia seeds that can be planted that may cause butterflies to show up when they bloom. You can buy blue ones from Lloid ooor you can earn them from doing requests from villagers. You will only get the Red/Diamond Butterflies from the Blue Dahlias. Red Dahlia seeds are gotten rarely from villager requests and mostly from helping friends (which I’ll get to shortly). You will only get Yellow/Topaz Butterflies from the Red Dahlias.
-There is no guarantee a butterfly will be on a Dahlia when it blooms (Unless it is a + seed which also grow faster. Thus far, there’s been no way to get them besides Rover’s initial tutorial).
-Similarly, there’s no guarantee you will catch the Butterfly in the first place. While sometimes I get super lucky (Which is getting a catch rate of about 50% or higher), I mostly found myself failing which just… sucks.
-To get the items, you need to catch a certain amount of each color of butterfly. You need 80 Diamond ones for all the Diamond Butterfly requests and 60 Topaz ones for all the Topaz Butterfly requests. If the datamine continues to be correct, you’ll need 40 each for all the requests for the Winter and Gold Winter Butterflies. I’m personally petrified of how they may be gotten and how to get White Dahlias in the first place. There is no cross breeding with Dahlias.
The counter only counts Butterflies you catch. Giving them away does not make the counter go down. This is one of the few things I really like about the event and it means you can help your friends out with no worries. Share the butterflies with your friends. There is literally no purpose for keeping them otherwise as they will turn into bells at the end of the event. Butterflies can be placed on ANY bloomed flower–even if they aren’t Dahlias, so always keep some flowers blooming for friends.
-As mentioned, Butterflies will only show up when a flower initially blooms. They will not show up otherwise unless a friend shares with you, so harvest Dahlias as much as you can to trade in for some nice items.

I will say the rewards are pretty great though. Even if you’re not a huge fan of Rover, there’s great opportunities to earn lots of essences and materials thanks to the rewards along with some Potted Dahlias to remember the event as they are pretty nice flowers.

My main issue with it is, besides the monotony and RNG of it all, is that it’s super stressful for me. I find myself constantly wanting to check in to make sure I can get butterflies out as fast as I earn them to help others and also not miss a chance at earning more butterflies (though, at least now that I’m done, that’s sort of more relaxed) from people. Like when the event first started, I find myself checking at least every 3 hours at most and it’s really hard to relax and enjoy it when I just constantly am stressing out. And Animal Crossing is supposed to be a relaxing game so me feeling like I don’t have time to do anything else besides check in on Pocket Camp isn’t good. (If you’re wondering why there hasn’t been another Style Savvy part, this is why)

Besides my insane suffering for the event and dreading that the next part will start in 20 minutes and worrying how that may go, I still have been doing my best to accomplish things in my game.

Such as getting the four newest villagers in:

Sprinkle is one of my favorite penguins so I’m happy to see her in. I’m not too fond of any of their level 15 items, but I have them all in my camp site for now. I’ve gotten over 100 of each type of essence now and due to finishing the Rustic Amenities, I’m mostly just doing a combination of “villagers who aren’t level 15 yet” and “villagers close to level 20”. Once I have everyone maxed out, I’m probably going to organize it for the best chances to get a good amount of essence + materials and just change it up based on what essences I may need more of at the time.

I really like the Rustic Balloon a lot:

Another reason I wish we could place more amenities. The fact that villagers will wave to each other is my favorite part:

Going back to the event, I did my best to at least have fun with some of the Rover items (okay, so just the top but):

I really want to re-do my camp a bit, but I’m still working out what I want to do.

I also love the Rover RV:

I don’t think I’m going to get it (not really my colors), but the style of it is really cool and I hope we’ll see more uniquely shaped RVs in the future. Hopefully in colors as great as my pink lace-y one.

I also noticed the tree colors changed recently so I feel weather will be switching up again soon:

There’s a lot of great new features planned and while I’m still impatiently waiting for new clothes, I can’t wait to be able to change the background of my campsite especially.

Anyway, I’ll end this off with fun pictures I’ve taken from the event:

Now it’s time to suffer during part two of it…


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