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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp – I’d really appreciate a break

While I know a lot of people don’t play Pocket Camp anymore, I still keep playing it. Besides just enjoying Animal Crossing as a series, when the mobile game was officially announced, it also mentioned having connectivity to a “main” Animal Crossing game so whenever we do get a new one, I want to be ready for it.

But right now, it just feels kind of an endless struggle. One of the things I really appreciate from games, and maybe I am the only one who does, is the ability to just have a moment to breathe.

I’m so happy I started playing Pocket Camp when it released early in Australia because I think I would’ve given up otherwise. Being able to play that month and just get familiar with the game without tons of limited things happening and more and more new villagers being added constantly was so relaxing and that’s the one thing Pocket Camp is really missing to me. It’s not relaxing in the slightest. In the same way that New Leaf stopped being relaxing for me due to the broken moving mechanic. It’s not fun to load up a game and be dreading if someone moved or not.

In the same vein, I feel like I’m constantly watching the clock when I play this because, oh look the villagers are switching again in a few minutes. Time to rush to try and get what I can done.

While the gardening event was incredibly improved with Lottie, it still felt stressful. And I just do not really care for gardening. I’m struggling enough trying to get those flower trade items only to have to rip up my garden again for another gardening event. I also have a lot of feelings on the new slot machine at OK Motors, but we’ll get to that.

For now, let’s just go in order since my last update and take one thing at a time. There’s been quite a few new villagers including a new essence type–Hip. I don’t really get it. The villagers don’t really seem to fit it and the icon for it is a mushroom and the amenities are even weirder… In Japanese, it’s “Pop” so I would suppose they are going for “Popular” but it still seems kind of odd to me? The whole theme seems odd. Regardless, I made sure to get them all moved in quickly:

I was especially excited about Merengue:

I also completed all the Hip Amenities and finished off the Rustic ones as well:

I absolutely love the waving from the balloon:

And while the capture feature is cute, I wish I could also take pictures of the whole screen versus just a square.

I also finally started working on my RV and camp site a bit more, but honestly, I’m still not particularly happy with either:

I’m really struggling trying to figure out what to do. I just don’t feel very inspired :/ While also feeling too overwhelmed at the same time.

As mentioned, we had the second garden event with Lottie:

While I still had a little more trouble than I would’ve liked with the final bats, the rates were SO much better with this event and I’m glad they listened to feedback. I think the only disappointing thing for me is I wasn’t really fond of most of the items. Pretty much everything I would’ve preferred in other colors (please give me a Sweet Lolita version, Nintendo). I liked the red roses a lot though.

I also ADORED Lottie’s dress.

I would love if they made a pink version instead of black that we could wear.

I will admit I didn’t expect this for the end scene with our character playing guitar though”

This time, I made sure to record the end cutscene at least:


Which means I can stop checking the shops until they get new stock as now I’ve bought everything from them at least once. This took waaaay too long.

Speaking of clothes, the Villager customization finally came out. It’s cute, but I don’t think I’ll use it much. I did like giving Merengue a tiara though:

I’d like to do this with all my favorite villagers. When you don’t get the twin animation thing though, you get to see the villager model by themselves:

And speaking of villagers, with the more recent updates, they also can ask for flowers now. It seems to be pretty rare when they do, but I’m not super fond of it as I struggle with gardening enough as it is. Not to mention if you don’t have any onhand, it’ll take too long to grow a flower before they leave. Sure, you can skip them now, but it’s still disheartening. They at least only ask for the ones that can be bought though and the bonus events are cute (and seem guaranteed if they ask for flowers).

I just wish we could buy flowers from people because I’d love to never garden again.

So, I’ve spoken about my hate for gardening enough, but lets talk about my issues with this “lovely” Slot Machine now:

I actually tend to find slot machines pretty fun. This one works on a timing mechanic which means if you tend to be good at timing games, you can win pretty easily. While the reward is usually rather small, you randomly can get one of the bigger bonuses to give you 30 or 50 tokens instead for winning.

The thing is, to get all 5 unique items from this minigame, it costs 15,750 tokens. I have plenty of Flower Powder (The one good thing about the Garden events honestly), I’m great at timing events, but the minigame is so boring that I’ve genuinely found myself dozing off to it after a while :/ I’m generally the type of person who likes to knock things out in one go so I don’t really want to portion it off, but it sucks. I wish I could buy tokens with Leaf Tickets or something because the game just feels exhausting. I don’t know when I’ll find the time to get enough, but between this and the gardening, I’m wondering if I should give up on my catalog dreams.

Other new features that are slightly more fun are dropped items being in the game. You can find them while out and about or a villager could prompt you to go find it:

For the record, the funniest part about this is Pietro is right–he didn’t tell me. At the time, I didn’t even know they COULD tell you. And I found it completely by accident. I saw a tiny fish in the ocean and was very confused as the smallest size there right now is just a small fish and I thought maybe new fish had been added–but nope! Just a bottle. I’ve had fun collecting items though.

Oh, Bob, you have no idea.

Finally, currently there is the Crystal Event which will be ending in a few days. I really adore the items from it a lot:

I’d like to do more with it, honestly. I just wish the outfit was pink instead of blue. It’s a really pretty dress.

The Camp Scenery update also happened and…I wish I liked it more.

Besides just not being too fond of the options right now, it feels really expensive :/ And nearly all the options are Leaf Tickets rather than feeling more balanced. I hope a lot of nice ones get added in the future.

SPEAKING OF THE FUTURE… I’ll be talking a bit about the recent datamines, so if you’d like to stay spoiler-free, don’t read below :P

It seems we’ll be having another Event–a third Garden event no less (though, it was already hinted officially)–shortly after the Crystal Event ends. And I’m just… so frustrated. A break would be so nice. A little over halfway between, we’ll get more villagers AND a new essence type (Harmonious) and then right after this gardening event ends, a Mario collaboration event will start (I’m guessing we may also see Animal Crossing items in Super Mario Run). And I just. It sucks. I want a break so badly and sure, I could just take a break, but I also know me and I know if I miss anything I want, I won’t play anymore. And depending on the connectivity, that could even mean any Animal Crossing game permanently.

I wish we could sell anything to each other. I wish we could help each other more. I wish the game didn’t feel like such a chore.

I think the worst part is I’m REALLY excited for some of the items. The Harmonious essence brings the Lotus Pond–one of my favorite Public Work projects from New Leaf + favorite item to use in most of the Zen houses in Happy Home Designer. It also has a gorgeous fountain amenity and I really need to decide which Amenity I’ll be switching out for it… The Cute Tent or the Natural Picnic Table? (Seriously though, if anyone has opinions or suggestions about this, I am opened to them)

I’m going to guess the “sub-essence” for the final tier will either be Rustic again, like the Hip items, ooor Natural. Which after Hip, are the two I’m lowest on. Balancing is getting harder in the game too.

We’ll also be getting another special NPC item with Celeste’s Telescope and Celeste is one of my favorite NPCs so really excited for that too. I hope I will have enough Leaf Tickets for it.

Meanwhile, Leif’s Garden Event not only has some adorable flowers, but new pathways, a lovely swing, AND WATERWAYS. YOU CAN MAKE MOATS. I AM SO EXCITED TO SEE THOSE AS ACTUAL ITEMS. I WILL USE THOSE LIKE CRAZY IN A MAIN ANIMAL CROSSING GAME.

I just hope I can get a lot of them because anyone who knows me well knows how excited I am for those kind of things.

But despite how much I adore those items, part of me just wishes we had a break more than anything. I’m trying so hard not to get burnt out, but I don’t know how much more I can stand this. I have enough things I have to do without feeling like I need to check this app 24-7.


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