Tomodachi Life: Little Things (and a bit more Random updates)

One of the really neat thing about Tomodachi is the many little features it has, between how characters can react to various food and items, the various camera views when Miis are hanging out in various areas, how characters in love will react and look away when they’ve noticed you’re staring, and various little dialogue changes (Such as when playing a game like matching with a Mii, if their face shows up they will go on about how it’s them all excitedly), it makes the game feel a lot richer in a way.

While I always enjoyed these things, I never expected this kind of stuff as the baby grew too:

Different actions as they grow, their hair goes longer, the adorable carriage…

Even new Photos could be taken as they grew:

And it was fun seeing them take the baby out as well:

And as she got even older:

Even her Crib changed to a bed:

(Sadly, I forgot to check for new photos at this stage T~T I hope they have another kid soon!)

And once she finished growing, well…

I decided to keep her living in the Apartment–I figure I’ll have each first kid stay while the rest will move.

As for non-kid related stuff…

Mikayla and Solo playing baseball:

(This actually makes me super sad I can’t give more than 8 items though)

I found out my Mii’s second favorite food! (Grilled Cheese):

Look at her go

A game where I will forever be confused on how that ball is clean:

There’s been SO much fighting lately for some reason… Thankfully, Jennifer helped Shinichi and Tomoyo make up:

And eventually James and Hotaru made up despite their fight:

As did Jenny and Kuki:

Nike and Jigglypuff have had yet to make up though:

I also finally had several rooms I’ve wanted in stock:

Including the Castle Room!:

I wish there was a pink version.

Hotaru received a new purple room:

While Luna got a new dress:

As for love and family…

Yay for family bonding :D

And cute Carnival dates:

And…love triangles?

But yes, it’s still pretty eventful on Pink Sea Island.

I just hope more couples will get together soon!

Note: I received the game early from Nintendo. Thank you, Nintendo! :D If you are interested in Tomodachi Life, you may want to look into picking it up!