E3 2014 Final thoughts

Now that E3 2014 is officially over, I wanted to put some final thoughts! I see a lot of discussion on who “won”. Most people say Nintendo and while I do love Nintendo, I wouldn’t say that’s necessarily true.

To me, it’s actually a tie for the main three. I think they all did great presentations–they all got me excited about things and each had their ups and downs.

I would say EA and Ubisoft are the only ones who really “lost”–but I won’t go into this more as I’ve already spoken about it separately.

As for why I felt each won:
Microsoft – Got me hyped, made me actually want an Xbox One, and had a conference completely packed with games.
Sony – Had a new surprise game coming out this year that made me incredibly excited. And while it didn’t stay on games and two trailers really bothered me, it was still fairly solid and I was excited.
Nintendo – So many games I am looking forward to! Plus I loved how the announcements were done.

If I had to pick without caring for any games though and simply by performance, I’d probably end up giving it to Microsoft. The entire conference was about games, it got me hyped, the opening speech was great, and I was honestly impressed.

My main issue with Sony, ignoring previously mentioned trailers, is the latter half was kind of boring and with Nintendo, while I enjoyed it, it was just so short (plus I thought the cut from Legend of Zelda Wii U to Pokemon was very sudden and weird… AND WHERE IS JIGGLYPUFF T~T).

I know they had tons of stuff with the Treehouse and the Treehouse was amazing and I hope they continue it (Seriously Nintendo, please please please do), but I wish they had made the announcements they did during the Treehouse in the main show instead with the Treehouse just showing gameplay and interviews.

I am INCREDIBLY excited for Fantasy Life (And I hope many people will get it–be sure to check out the gameplay video on Nintendo’s Youtube if you haven’t yet!) and Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright, but both are games we also already knew were to come over (though, I will admit I was losing faith on Fantasy Life so it was definitely up their with LBP3). I also was hoping they’d have shown Story of Seasons (being done by XSeed) and Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley–even though I’ve seen a good amount of the former since it’s been out in Japan, there’s not too much beyond screenshots for the latter and I was hoping both would be shown since they are exclusive to the 3DS and coming out at the end of this year.

And that’s probably one minor issue I had with most of the stuff this year–SO much is for next year and it felt I added very little new to games coming out later this year I didn’t already know about. That’s not necessarily bad, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little disappointed ^^;

Regardless, I feel like everyone who watched won. I feel like everyone had something that made them excited so I don’t feel anyone failed in that sense and I hope every E3 can be as good as this one (just please stop with the zombies and incredibly depressing trailers T___T).