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So, with new Animal Crossing game rumors starting up recently…

…I wanted to talk about things I hope to see in the next Animal Crossing game from all current AC-related games along with new features in general. Some I know are unlikely to happen, but I’m going to list it anyway because I can :P

1. No item limits – As we get more ways to really decorate in the game, item limits are a huge pain. We already have a limit based on how big the rooms can be–I don’t think we need a forced limit on top of it. While it’s not terrible if you do just floor items, with items off the floor you can hit the limit very quickly.

2. Bring Wall Items (from New Leaf) and Ceiling Items (from Happy Home Designer) back. I loved these so much. It really helped add to the rooms and it’s just a really nice feature.

3-11. Honestly, there’s a lot I want back from Happy Home Designer so I’m going to just give it this section–a list of features I’d like to see from Happy Home Designer (besides the ceiling items as I mentioned that above): Door customization, different room sizes, being able to design villagers’ homes, being able to make places for villagers to hang out and design their interior and exterior, being able to place all kinds of furniture/public works inside and/or outside, all of the emotions, be able to squeeze between furniture, and being able to place villagers’ homes.

12-18. Similarly, more features from New Leaf: Bring back ordinances, let us be able to place our house still, bring back public works, let us be Mayor again in general (or choose not to if we prefer), bring the island back, bring Club K.K. back, and bring the Dream suite back.

19. Expanding on those a bit, I really want to be able to put multiple ordinances in place.

20. I’d also love a higher public work limit, especially since bridges counted towards it.

21-22. Be able to expand the town. Maybe it’s just me, but I’d love to make the town be bigger. New Leaf’s town is a nice size, but there’s so much more I’d like to be able to do. Similarly, also be able to kind of map it out yourself–choose your own map layout with just some required boundaries.

23. Bring the Camp Site back! Maybe that’s how Pocket Camp ties in :P

24. The ability to lock in villagers so you don’t have to worry about them moving. Maybe some way to tick it on and off if you get tired of a certain villager. This was one of the most frustrating parts of New Leaf for me so I’d love to see it rectified in some way.

25. More variety with villager numbers. I think it’d be nice if people who may want less villagers (Maybe 5-8) could have the option while possibly up to 12-15 for those who want more. Just variety!

26. More pattern space. Just a lot more pattern space. I had to make four characters just to have enough patterns for the town and had to sacrifice most else. Even HHD didn’t really have enough.

27. Similarly, remove the QR/Creator lock limitations. While I get why they existed, they were just frustrating when sharing patterns among friends or other characters in your game. I had a pixel off on one path pattern and had to re-do the entire thing for scratch because I forgot to save it and was unable to edit it or put it back up on display to save it again so I could edit it on my main character. It wasn’t a fun system at all.

28. Bring back Phineas and his badges (and since I don’t think StreetPass will return, unfortunately, possibly the balloons and other fun items through him as well). I adore Phineas so much. He’s the absolute best.

29. That said, I hope they add a counter you can view while working on Phineas’ badges. It’d make it a lot easier to stay motivated.

30. More storage. As more and more items get added, we just kind of need it. I love the storage they added to the Welcome Amiibo update.

31. Speaking of which, bring back Amiibo functions. They’re just fun.

32. Refurbishing! I love refurbishing so much. It gives a lot of great color options. I’d love to see something similar added to clothing and accessories as well and also with Gracie’s furniture set (BECAUSE THE PRINCESS SET SHOULD BE PINK…)

33. Pocket Camp, despite its issues, brings so many unique things between canals (I LOVE THEM SO MUCH) and all the unique flowers for the gardening event. I’d love to see so many things make its way into a new game, though, maybe not so many events.

34-37. Bigger Friend’s list. I mean, this is needed in general for the Switch though. Also bigger Best Friends list. And just bringing the Best Friend’s list back in general along with just making it so you can talk to your friends while playing ingame just through chat messages in general.

38. Be able to send mail to your friend’s town from your own town. It makes for nice surprises and works super well for those who may not be in the same time zone.

39. No region-locked events/items. I made some great friends through New Leaf (Lots of love to Zed, Rainy, Chananr, Ruu, and Mika) because of this and I don’t regret that, but one of the things I wish AC would do is just embrace the different cultures which, with all of my issues with Pocket Camp, it’s at least doing. Let us all get Hinamatsuri and Setsubun and Explorer’s Day and learn a little about each culture and experience it ourselves. AC has so many reasons to play with friends, but that language barrier can be hard.

40. I don’t think it needs to be said for anywhere else in New Leaf, but really all the shops should return and especially the Museum and Cafe.

41. While I think I’m in the minority for this, I’d love a way to import/transfer my New Leaf town and build up from it. I pretty much hit perfection for how I wanted it to look and I’d mainly just be doing that again. I loved the small transfer system from Wild World to City Folk so in general, I’d like to see some kind of similar option for New Leaf to a Switch version.

42. Be able to customize bottoms, socks, and shoes as well as tops, dresses, and hats.

43. More unique pattern outfits. While I understand needing to stick to a specific design (or maybe even give a few more options like have we have short, long, and no sleeves–like puffy sleeves or tight dresses or etc.) for patterns, it’d be nice if more “official” clothing items had more options like Lottie’s dress in Pocket Camp:

And with that, I’m going to end this off. There’s more I can think of and some I’m sure I’m forgetting at the moment, but this is getting long enough :P


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