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A Day of Pocket Camp

While I’ve still more or less quit the app, I do still have it on my phone incase of any future connectivity, miracles happen to not make it give me constant anxiety and to make fortune cookies just not suck entirely, or an event I really like. I’ve even uploaded a couple of videos, one especially recently, for the Cabin Grand Opening and the Valentine’s Day Best Friend gift (why could I only give it to one, game. Let me have multiple best friends

Regardless, with the power of leaf tickets because this sure wasn’t happening otherwise, I succeeded:

And I even managed to get a few extras too.

Unfortunately, as Pocket Camp continues to break my hopes and dreams, I get to watch the hours dwindle out for the Candy Cluster Muster event where I’m just two pieces of candy short and can literally do nothing about it.

I bought all the Seasonal Packs including it to use towards my fishing endeavors. And the only other thing that could give candy is the current fishing tourney… but only up to 6,400cm. I am currently at over 18,000, due to my need for pink crystals because I really love rocks and crystals and also the color pink, which is long after the candy amounts. So, I can not earn anymore and the event ends at rollover tonight to likely bring in some new events so you never have a moment to breathe.

Sorry, Isabelle, I tried. But it is literally impossible for me to finish all your goals today.

Honestly, my biggest thing is this just goes back to my biggest problems with Pocket Camp–needing to check in to such a point to make sure you never miss anything paired with having to work in the game’s tight limits. You can go through every single hoop and put your utmost effort on that last day, but still fail because the game limits how much it’ll let you do. Especially if you don’t have any leaf tickets to spare. And in some cases, even when you do, it still won’t be enough.

Regardless, I took the time to do a few other things too such as inviting some new villagers to camp and am doing my best to get both Diana and Flurry invited (Just… waiting for their furniture to finish crafting):

(Sadly, the new skip feature was on automatically and I just kept forgetting to tick it off so no screenshots for some–as per usual, ACPC does a great job with new quality of life features, but still hasn’t done any adjustments to the constantness of it all)

I’m still waiting for Marina and Cookie to be added. I know their data is already in the game and it’d be nice to have all my top favorites in my campsite (With the 8th slot rotating a selection of the villagers in second place). Regardless, once Diana and Flurry are invited over, I’ll likely be completely on break again until something else pops up. Or Marina and/or Cookie get added.

As always, I couldn’t help but take a few pictures too such as handing out crystal barrettes in the campsite as the twinning continues:

I also gave another fortune cookie a shot as I like suffering, but I still didn’t get anything good:

I wanted the cake sets, but I only got a chair. I also tried my luck with the stained glass one (FOUNTAIN), but didn’t do well with that either :/ Though, seeing how it was the grand prize, I wasn’t expecting much. I really hate the fortune cookies in this game so much. I wasn’t fond of them in New Leaf as it is– I didn’t need them to come back even worse.

Anyway, to finish this off, just a simple question:

Why are the lemons green?
(And no, the perfect lemon being yellow does not count)


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