Pocket Camp: Cherry Blossoms and Tea Parties

While for the most part, I’m still rather hands off with Pocket Camp, it, unfortunately, knows how to drag me back in–ignoring that Animal Crossing is a very special franchise to me, the recent themes the last month with one of its newest fortune cookies and some of their events was entirely my aesthetic along with adding in some more of my favorite villages (Just waiting on Cookie and then all of my favorites will be here… I know she’s in the data so just give me her already, Nintendo ;~; ).

The hard part though, while I am proud of my camp site to an extent, is the game also is so bittersweet to play. I’ve spoken enough about how much the fortune cookie system and constant events are just against the point of Animal Crossing so I won’t repeat it, but it makes it… really sad to play. I will say that not caring makes it less frustrating to play, but not caring is also against how I enjoy playing games.

It hurts to pick it up and just… not care. Because then it just makes me wonder what’s the point and Pocket Camp has kind of burnt me out enough with one of my favorite systems paired with a lot of other complicated feelings with the series. Not to mention my worries with how much the Switch version may take this–Animal Crossing is a real time game, it really doesn’t need more incentives to play every day.

Regardless, ignoring my frustrations, there is still so many nice items and features in Pocket Camp and the new Tea Party fortune cookie paired with the new cherry blossom themed items and camp environments have essentially fully allowed my camp to really hit the best it could be (Just… waiting for Cookie’s arrival):

(This is also taken at my favorite time of day in Animal Crossing–6PM, it’s the same time of day you’ll visit my town at in the Dream Suite)

And a more full view:

I mean, maybe we could still get some better Amenities (or even be able to have more than two… I miss my Castle), but it’s still pretty nice. There’s a lot of items I really want to get too and/or missed out on (Mostly fountains), but I’ve already maxed out my camp site anyway and I’m not sure I’d replace anything for them. I also am glad I was able to fit too rugs to help even it out a bit more. That said, part of me still wonders if it looks better with the Castle:

Originally, I had hoped to use the Cherry Blossom from the event, but Katie’s Cherry Blossom item actually ended up working much better:

I do miss Celeste being around though. Regardless, Katie’s swing just makes me wish even more our character could bother interacting with things.

Besides some camp site adjustments, I also updated my room in the game:

I also played around with possible Cabin layouts:

Before just fully going into a Tea Party theme:

But seriously, between the tea parties and cherry blossoms, it’s not a huge surprise I popped in for a bit… I mean, even the Fortune Cookie’s appearance was my entire aesthetic:

To end this off, I gave a few villagers some new accessories I felt fit them:

Though, I suppose Diana’s would work better in a different color. I’m really happy I got Marina so soon–I really don’t have much left to offer to Gulliver (and crafting the same items over and over again sucks) and still have several villagers I still need to get from him -_- So I’ll have to work towards that a bit during my next Pocket Camp check-in I suppose.