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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp – Memory Edition & The Sanrio Collaboration

One of the nice new Quality of Life features with Pocket Camp is it’s possible to view a new memory you’ve unlocked without ruining setting everything up in your campsite. If you are subscribed to my Youtube Channel, you’ve likely already seen the video when it was uploaded a few weeks ago, but if not, I figured I’d include some screenshots of my favorite moments in addition to talking about the new Sanrio stuff and some of the other events.

I genuinely found the Anniversary Memory really sweet and I’m glad they gave us it.

I also enjoyed Chrissy’s Tea Party, though, I wish the items were normal-sized. I will admit the giant size broke my heart as the items themselves are super cute:

The Memory system is actually one of my favorite things in Pocket Camp (and I’d love to see it in New Horizons in some way, even if just as a way to revisit cut scenes) which is probably one of the most frustrating things with the fact that it’s essentially pay to win. Sure, like all things, you could get lucky or if you play a lot, maybe you’ll have lots of leaf tickets to spare (that said, if you’re a full completionist who wants everything, you’d have to be EXTREMELY lucky and some super helpful friends to not spend anything), it’s just not very likely without paying.

Similarly, I really adore the Gardening event end cutscenes. Unfortunately, the gardening events are just… incredibly frustrating with the constant check-ins, needing to keep clearing things out, and the best way to succeed being very dependent on your friends. I managed to finish Isabelle’s recent one at the last possible second— only after buying one of the special Gardening Event Packages.

While I do love helping my friends (and appreciate it), an event being exclusive to that while also lessening how much you can even help at a time isn’t fun. Constant brick walls has never been fun.

The Sanrio Collab has also made its way here and it’s hard to be excited for it when it all requires leaf tickets. While I can at least give the Sanrio stuff an understanding for being leaf ticket exclusives (it’s a collaboration after all), it being a lootbox system for most or $7 for a cute digital backpack isn’t a great feeling :/ On the bright side, I’m hoping this does mean we’re likely to continue to see the Sanrio items and Villagers in the future too at least.

I wonder if it could be an actual DLC pack or the Amiibo Cards could make a return (Just… ignore how few places the Sanrio Cards were even released). I just hope it’ll be priced better than anything in Pocket Camp if so. I’m glad it’s at least possible to get the villagers in Pocket Camp, plus one of each of the fortune cookies, even if you don’t bother with buying the items– as much as I adore the items, locking levels behind a paywall too wouldn’t be great. While I haven’t gotten all my favorites (and me loving the grand prize couches does not help…), I at least got a few cute things. Unfortunately, my camp site, cabin, and trailer are a bit too full to put much use of them, but I think I at least wear the outfit well. And some of these fortune cookies are too cute.


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