Pocket Camp to New Horizons (and a Special Delivery!)

With my Animal Crossing: New Horizons-themed switch in hand and the game itself being available in just a few hours over in Australia (and a couple more after that in Japan), we’re getting really close to its release. They recently finished up a special fishing event with Tom Nook, Timmy, and Tommy along with a special code we can redeem starting early tomorrow morning for some items in New Horizons and so I wanted to share some screenshots from the event and one other special thing.

Not to mention, today is Merengue’s birthday! So a very happy birthday to my great assistant. Here’s hoping she’ll be with me in New Horizons sometime soon…. though, likely not on her birthday.

The choices were “Happy Birthday!” or “I did know!” and honestly I wish I could’ve picked both because I DID know, but the first felt more appropriate to say…

As for the event, we had to fish for the New Horizons versions of fairly familiar Fish for lovely New Horizons-themed items.

The fishing rod is pretty neat (and thankfully doesn’t break unlike the suffering I will soon be facing in New Horizons), but I didn’t get to use it for long:

I expected a special goal version too– maybe even a gold version of the special one, but no, it was just the usual gold rod which wa sa bit disappointing.

I still enjoyed the event though.

And it was really neat seeing the new fish models.

I also had fun doing the HHA missions too.

While not NH-related, I also made a small update to the Afternoon Tea Cafe as I got the Tea Cup Fountain and well, that was incredibly on theme so:
img src=”https://www.crystal-dreams.us/Random/ACPC/20200318023743.png”>

Finally, yesterday I also got my adorable bag from being one of the winners of the Pocket Camp Club contest!!

The cute logo on the back:

It’s a lot bigger than I expected (and also a bit shorter– I expected it to be more long and stocky over short and stout, but I still love it), but it’s really great. It also came with this cute Thank you-manual: