Tomodachi Life: Because I am that happy about the outfit I just got

I’m still trying to get couples together, but it’s not going as well as I’d like and I’m running out of ideas for what to do. It doesn’t help that a good amount of them don’t even know the other and it’s rare that even when someone wants to set them up that they know both… Regardless, sometimes I get to try…

…but it rarely works out. It doesn’t help that Miis will only suggest 3 people for another Mii to meet with randomly out of who they know which makes things ever harder.

Despite that, Brock and Setsuna got married as did Victorique and Kujo:

Babies were also born! Jennifer and Zero had Celeste:

And Trent and Tomoyo had Piper:

I also got to see things I never really noticed when Marina was a baby such as the family having lunch and Celeste in her little high chair and this cute walking encouragement scene:

Also I love seeing different camera angles for things:

Anyway, it’s felt like ages since I’ve gotten something I’ve really wanted from a Mystery Bag so I was very happy to get this!:

I still really want this dress:
But that’ll do for now.

I even watched another performance of Maybe Honey (incase you forgot how much I love it) to see how the dress looked:

If only I could remove the applause T~T

Anyway, looking forward to the two babies growing up and traveling the world! (And unlocking the camp site)