Tomodachi Life: Campsite FINALLY Unlocks!

So, Celeste grew up today and due to sending her off to see the World…

…Pink Sea Island’s Campsite unlocked! It’s empty at the moment, but we can still watch the cute puffy clouds go by:

Until I StreetPass someone who can get her, Celeste will be waiting at the docks.

While she’s there, I can still talk to her. She also has a special stat page.

You may be sending them off, but they are still a character in your game in a way so don’t feel too bad about it.

One thing I was surprised to also unlock was the Quality of Life thing:

Hopefully 34 stars is good.

Anyway, while Celeste looks pretty similar to Marina growing up, I managed to catch several things I hadn’t seen them do with Marina before. I don’t know if more actions are unlocked as you get more babies or if I’m just unlucky catching stuff, but here’s a few things I unlocked:

More photos:

These are the last 3–once she gets older the poses change in all the photos a bit, but the background and what’s going on stays the same.

Playing with Blocks:

And in a Sandbox:

Plus reading time:

And other cute things:

I also finally did the cute “flying in the air” Babysitting game.

I normally only babysat when the baby was crying (whether they asked or not) so I never tried when the baby got older and wasn’t crying.

Plus a bonus note on how she gets older, she does a bit more–such as now being able to build a tower with her blocks:

And actually making something in her sandbox versus just digging:

I also got a couple of pictures shortly before the announcement that she was all grown up:

You can also check out Celeste’s baby video and the news announcing the above below:

As for other news…

Piper should be old enough to go off on her own tomorrow.

It was Usagi’s and ChibiUsa’s birthdays yesterday.

Jennifer lost an item which was found by Rachel:

The Ballet Manual is still rather popular (and one of my favorite inventory items–dog is my most favorite though):

Carlos and Cooking Mama had the first Baby Boy on the Island and named him William:

And Brock could not stop dancing:

Note: I received the game early from Nintendo. Thank you, Nintendo! :D If you are interested in Tomodachi Life, you may want to look into picking it up!