Tomodachi Life Free Demo on the eShop tomorrow [For North America]!

So tomorrow, June 2nd (or if it goes out at midnight EST, later tonight for any timezones earlier than that), a free demo version of Tomodachi Life will be out for those of you in North America to download :) If you’ve liked my entries and/or my videos, but still aren’t sure if you should pick up the game, then I’d highly recommend trying out the demo!

IMPORTANT NOTES: This is slightly different than the Move-in Version. The Move-in Version is only gotten through a code from someone who has bought the game. (Those who bought it physically will have it in the game case, those who bought it digitally will have it on their digital receipt)

The differences are:
1. You can only play 20 times
2. There is no Panda Suit reward at the end (Don’t worry, you can still get the Panda Suit ingame through normal play–just need to hope it shows up in the Clothing Store)

So if you’re still on the fence for the game, please try the demo! It’s free so there’s no reason not to! :)