Tomodachi Life: Finally, Switzerland!

So, I’m pretty excited as I finally had some Miis pick Switzerland to go to using a Travel Ticket. Not just that, but I learned a group of friends can actually go on a trip too:

As for why I was so excited… Well:

This was the last Treasure I needed that I could get by myself. The only two I still have I need to get through StreetPass from either a letter from my campers sent off or a gift from a Mii who camps here so…

Besides that, I’ve mostly just been trying to save up money. There’s a lot of expensive items in the game and I also want to take more Space trips to get the other Space Suits so… Plus, I’m still working on getting people together as well. Our most recent couples are Kuki and Wally:

And Shinichi and Marinna:

Peach and Mario are continued to be set-up but haven’t gotten together yet:

Couples together are still going strong as well:

And Akina and Syaoran had their first child–Baby Kaylee:

Finally, Professor Oak discovered some Giant Licorice:

Note: I received the game early from Nintendo. Thank you, Nintendo! :D If you are interested in Tomodachi Life, you may want to look into picking it up!