Tomodachi Life: Celeste stops back home + Love is in the Air

So, I knew you’d get letters occasionally from travelers which I had been anticipating impatiently, but to my surprise… well…

I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I saw my Mii pop up:

We haven’t had any new babies born sadly so I had no idea what it could be about. But yes, Celeste apparently came home to visit!

She then went on to talk about her trip and even give a gift!

It even showed up all fancy on the bottom screen with where it was from:

Celeste then was getting ready to continue traveling and I had the choice to give her a snack or let her take a nap (or just say good bye).

I chose to give her a snack which she enjoyed quite a bit:

She got ready to go again, but I convinced her to take a nap too which she enjoyed:

That is one of my personal dreams too–of course, I lack the magical ability to automatically know a language upon crossing the border and thus, need to work hard so I don’t feel like an idiot (Despite going to various countries in Europe and to Japan twice and having an amazing time in each, I do think it’d be better if I knew much more than just random words and phrases before making a third trip T__T …and also being a bit more confident to actually SAY them)

With that, Celeste headed back off for her dream to explore the world:

As for what happens when eating a special food (or at least this Creme Brulee), my Mii brought her hands together shaking excitedly before extending her arms out and excitedly saying how she really liked it and giving a quote about dessert:

And got quite a bit of Happiness which caused her to “level” again.

Besides Celeste’s sudden appearance, love has been blooming in Pink Sea Island. Jade went and set up Clive and Marie:

Excited by her successful work, Jade decided to confess to Dave:

He accepted:

With a friend confessing her feelings, Emi decided to confess to Z:

It also went well <3 Yay for love :D Let's hope more marriage and children will come soon too! Edit: And it seems the travels are continuing too!: