Tomodachi Life: New SpotPass Item! And other random happenings.

Today, the Food Mart uniform is available through SpotPass!

It’s available for the rest of July, comes in Orange, Black, Pink, and Blue and costs $40 each.

I also finally got a Top Hat in stock:

About time XP I immediately bought 2. With that, I have officially updated the QR codes–Luigi, Professor Layton, and Mamoru (who will be updated once again when I get new colors) now have hats and Subaru’s outfit has been changed up.

As for other things, I gave Zero the Space Room:

Though, I still want to get it for a few more Miis at some point. It’s so pretty.

We also received letters from Celeste:

(You can also watch the video of Celeste’s first letter and Piper’s trip back home)

Meanwhile, Mikayla asked Logan out again…

This time, he accepted!

And Mako proposed to Luigi:

Other random photos:

Presenting the Eiffel Tower

It’s nice seeing so many people in the amusement park.

The News will never not be weird in some way :P

I’m still not sure what exactly is happening here. I think Haruka is trying to stop Trent from touching the Dragonfly? Maybe?

Finally, I’ve been participating in the Tomodachi Life Photo a Day Challenge that the Nintendo Twitter put up! I’ve been posting each day to Twitter and will have a post featuring all 30 once it’s over. Here is today’s challenge as a sneak peek if you don’t watch my Twitter–whether the widget on the sidebar or otherwise:

Day 6: Weirdest Dialogue