Tomodachi Life: The Happenings

So, I’m currently in Disney World again (this time for work though) and thus, I was pretty excited to get more StreetPasses! I got 9 total for Tomodachi Life today which let me get some new clothes (and a few new colors of others–I only got one double)… but still no camper! :( I want the least two treasures I need, game!

Despite that, I decided to update with some of the other happenings on Pink Sea Island.

Firstly, love continues to blossom! Dave proposed to Jade and they got married:

Kuki attempted to propose to Wally:

Sadly, I failed :( I hope she wants to try again soon! (Or Wally will want to)

Similarly, Carlos tried to set up K.K. Slider and Isabelle, but they decided to just be friends for now:

The other Zero had a baby with Ciel:

Neil set up Link and Zelda:

Zero and Jennifer had their 3rd child, Jasmine:

While Brock and Setsuna had their first child, Bryson:

And I continue to notice new things with each new child:

Meanwhile, Shinichi and Marinna headed to Japan for another vacation:

On non-love news, William finally made it off Pink Sea Island, now on the SpotPass Relay Island:

I wish I managed to record the video since it was actually a bit different, but no time. Ironically, I got the letter before he actually went away on the boat. I was very confused.

We also get a letter from Piper:

And I even got another Ranking Board unlocked!

Just one left now. I guess it had to do with campers considering I can’t seem to get any T__T

I was reminded just how accurate the game can be sometimes:

And I finally saw someone fishing:

I really wish I could give Miis more than 8 items…

I also got a few items I still needed including the Lady Jetsetter interior–I don’t think I like it more than the Girls’ Room interior overall (Lady Jetsetter feels too fashion-focused to me versus a full Lady traveling theme), but I hope that pink coat in the background is in the game to actually wear:

Plus continued hanging out on the Tower:

We had some interesting news:

And because of today’s Tomodachi Life Daily Challenge with getting these two pictures:

I played around with the camera some more and also took these:

Finally, two new Miis have moved into the apartment!

Due to the fact that they were randomly made like Teddy Bear, I may put their QRs up on the QR page. Haven’t decided yet!

Note: I received the game early from Nintendo. Thank you, Nintendo! :D If you are interested in Tomodachi Life, you may want to look into picking it up!