My Fluffy Life – New Fairy-themed Shop!

Today brought the latest My Fluffy Life update finishing up everything with the Spring season addition— the new limited time store you can access from the laptop– Paper Fairy Shop, which you can buy items from by catching Paper Butterflies which weren’t available until this update.

I had caught a lot of butterflies in preparation, but since none of the Paper ones were available, it was essentially all for naught ^^; Sometimes I’d see a lot, while other times not very many, however only Paper Butterflies count. They essentially look like they have pages for wings, but they also appear in your Fluffy’s inventory which can help keep track of how many you have.

I ended up dyeing some more items too… only to have ended up picking the wrong ones x-x The 100 Eggs per item is really rough when there’s a lot you want to try and use the system for, even if it doesn’t work as well as you’d like.

Anyway, I’m back to working on getting more Eggs and Paper Butterflies. Here’s hoping I get luckier with some of the appearance rates. @-@