Disney Dreamlight Valley – Day 0: The Avatar Designer Tool!

To start, for full transparency, I am part of the Dreamlight Creators Program! Because of this, I had access to the Avatar Designer Tool yesterday. All thoughts are my own as always! If you’d rather watch than read or just want to see everything the ADT has to offer, feel free to check out my video on Youtube! For those unaware, today the Avatar Designer Tool released on PC for Steam, Epic, and the Microsoft Store. While the ADT is only for PC users, the ability to transfer your Avatar over will still work for ANY platform the game will be available on. So, you can absolutely play the ADT on Steam and then have your Avatar transferred to the Switch version.

In general, I was so excited about just getting to make my avatar that I had to rewatch the trailer multiple times for everything to fully sink in. For one, it’s pretty exciting I can transfer my character over with essentially whatever I decide to have her wear and we even get a bonus item as well.

We also got our first look at the Founder’s Pack contents– there will be three: Standard, Deluxe, and Ultimate, plus two special rewards for anyone who plays the game during the first week of Early Access. Pre-ordering a Founder’s Pack also contributes to the Wish List Goals for the Community Challenge happening right now until Early Access officially begins (more information on that at the bottom of the post).

That said, more details and prices weren’t revealed until today: $29.99 for the Standard, $49.99 for the Deluxe, and $69.99 for the Ultimate.

The Standard will include: 3 Design Motifs, a Furniture set (9 items), a special jersey and Mickey Ears, and 8,000 Moonstones
The Deluxe will include: The Furniture and Clothing items from the Standard Edition, a Furniture Set (10 items), a Celestial Turtle Companion, a Clothing set (5 items), a special jersey and Mickey Ears, 3 Design Motifs, and 14,500 Moonstones
The Ultimate will include: All Standard & Deluxe Cosmetic items, a Furniture Set (15 items), a Regal Fox Companion, a Dress, a Suit, a Jersey and Mickey Ears, plus 3 Design Motifs and 20,000 Moonstones.
You can find more details of everything on the official FAQ page and by watching the official Founder’s Pack Trailer.

Of the items, the pets are obviously my favorite. I also love the Ultimate furniture set a lot, especially the Piano, Chandelier, and painting. I also really like the Starry Sky motif in the Deluxe Pack and the Golden Pumpkin motif in the Ultimate pack. The dress is very pretty too… but it lacks sleeves and isn’t pink so :P Other item standouts for me are the Mickey lights in the Standard Pack, the Windows and TV in the Deluxe Pack, and the fancy pillars, wallpapers, and tables (both big and small) in the Ultimate Pack, in addition to the items I mentioned earlier. I sure hope I can have all three pets (Ultimate’s, Deluxe’s, and the first week pet) out together though because it’ll be a very hard decision otherwise…

In general, I’m still just hoping there could be an option down the line for people to still access these items, even if they may cost more (or to begin with in regard to items that are essentially free gifts). I know they are currently planned to be exclusive, but honestly, in this kind of game, I don’t think making it so some cosmetics are just permanently out of reach for players that come later is a good move and is something I wish would stop happening. Things can still be special and meaningful without them being made super exclusive.
I’m also really disappointed about a premium currency considering it was initially said there wouldn’t be one (though, supposedly you WILL be able to earn them in the game itself which may not be too bad then). Not to mention the confirmation of a Star Path/Premium Mission Pass-type system and I feel like that is the last thing the game needs :( It’s not relaxing or a go at the pace you want if you need to constantly do things for the pass. I’ll refrain full judgement until I see how the Star Path progresses, but at least right now, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little disappointed with that. In general, they are just systems that I have trouble completing to begin with, let alone something that makes a game feel more like a subscription-based game. That said, while I’m really concerned with the Star Path system, I am glad the Founder’s Pack prices are pretty good.

Once the initial surprise of seeing Founder’s Packs being shown off in the opening trailer though, especially after many months of “soon”, it was time to actually make my character!

I will say one thing I’m kind of surprised with is that rather than sliders, it’s 6 body types between one taller body and one smaller body and I’m not sure if everyone will manage to really get a body type they’re happy with. I managed to find something I was mostly happy with, but there’s definitely a few things I’d have adjusted if there were sliders. At the very least, I was happy with pretty much all the other options and considering you can change your physical appearance whenever in the game and everything is unisex, I’m hoping they may even add more options down the line. I also hope we’ll eventually see all color options available for each option as some had less than others.

In the end, I ended up with this look for my character before my journey into the Touch of Magic tool:

The hard part was deciding between the shoes (not only tons of great boot options, but also those adorable Pink Dolly Shoes) and backpacks. I pretty much just went with the boots I initially picked first, but as for why I chose them over the Pink Dolly Shoes… it was simply as there weren’t any Socks/Tights options and I thought they looked weird with the other layering. As for what I’m wearing under the skirt then– you can actually pair pants or shorts under a skirt which is really nice.

The backpack situation was similar where I had already been stuck between the Pink Ita Bag and Brown Artist’s Satchel from their initial previews, but I also really liked the White and Pink Minnie Backpack. I mainly ended up deciding against the last one as I didn’t really like its smaller size. The Pink Ita bag won out in the end simply due to matching more, but I really hope I can get the Brown Artist’s Satchel in the future.

Of course, that’s not the only item I’m hoping to get– so many great items are available through the ADT and due to going with my Touch of Magic Tool outfit, I’ll need to get most of the other items I still liked as well. It might sound weird to be going with the Touch of Magic outfit, but honestly, it took me so long to make it and I don’t trust myself to be able to remake it in a way I feel I’d be happy with. I’m just thankful we can transfer our character’s over at all. I do wish we could’ve had maybe one regular outfit and one Touch of Magic outfit as well though…

It’s definitely not perfect and there’s a lot I’d like to adjust or do better with once the layer moving works properly for me and if I get a better handle on the tools. I’d love to add more of a gradient (and make it pinker in general– I wish there was a nice pastel pink too) and try and shape it out more, but I do think it came out mostly okay at least. I hope we’ll get more options to use the Touch of Magic Tool within the future as well.

Regardless, here’s hoping it doesn’t take me too long to get the Pink “Enchanted Rose” Top, Pink Cropped Cardigan, Red Skinny Jeans, and the Burgundy Gold Lock Skirt. Other clothing items, I also really liked, besides the Pink Shoes and two backpacks I mentioned above, were the Lacy Pink Coat, Gold Rose Earrings, Silver Rose Earrings, Classic Gold Hoops, Simple Gold Bracelets, Fancy Gold Bracelet, Red Reindeer Cinched Scarf, Golden Treasure Medallion, Pink Pleated Skirt, Pink Candy-Laden Skirt, Brown Lace-up Boots (And really… many of the boots), White and Pink Floral Gown, Pink and Purple Long-Sleeved Gown, Rapunzel’s Summer Sundrop Gown (though, I’d love a long-sleeved version), and the Pale Pink Cottage Dress.

There’s also tons of cute furniture items we could check out already as well in the pre-made rooms.

And this isn’t even everything! While there are tons of options with items in the ADT alone, we’ve definitely seen more items in all the footage shown as well, so there’s a lot I’m looking forward to getting still that we don’t see here.

I spent a lot of time making sure I could get a picture with all 8 Characters you can find in the ADT (You can also see a video of my character with each character here too):

How to get each of the 8 Characters:
(Keep in mind, this is likely NOT the only way– this is just how I personally unlocked them)

  • Mickey will show up pretty much with anything, but generally just not wearing something that causes one of the other characters to show up. He’s the default. A quick easy way is to just wear a Touch of Magic outfit.
  • Minnie will show up if you have on Minnie Ears.
  • Ariel will show up if you are wearing either an Off-the-Shoulder Shell Shirt or one of the Officer Jackets.
  • Remy will show up if you have on Remy’s Chef Hat
  • Buzz Lightyear will show up if you have the Cowboy Hat on
  • Anna will show up when wearing Cozy Blue Sweater (under Coats)
  • Simba will show up when wearing a Time Flies shirt
  • Moana will show up when wearing a Heart of Te Fiti Shirt

As cute as it is that a character is picked based off your outfit which kind of encourages a fun experimental thing, I do wish we could just… pick. It’s not as fun for me to put on an outfit I maybe don’t even care for just to get certain characters to show up which kind of ruins half the point of wanting to take a picture T~T Regardless, I still had fun, even if I am absolutely terrible at taking pictures.

Either way, I can’t wait to transfer my character into the full game and finally be able to play ^_^ In the meantime, as mentioned earlier, if you’d like to help get more content into the main game, be sure to check out the Community Challenge! We’re very close to both the Instagram/Twitter Combined Followers goal and the second wish list goal. Every bit can help! As mentioned earlier, pre-ordering the Founder’s Packs ALSO counts towards the wishlist goals.

And to finish this off, here’s a couple of my other pictures I really liked that I took:

Final Community Challenge Update!: Not only did we hit 250K, we made it all the way to 350K! In addition to unlocking all goals, we’ve also unlocked “Housing Skins” which I’m pretty excited for as the lack of house exterior customization was one thing I was worried about.