Game Plan

Now, if there is one thing I’ve realized it’s that this holiday season is packed with games. While I do not expect to get everything on that list (and find myself slowly narrowing it down), there’s still a lot I am looking forward to. I have spoken about what I am excited for previously, but I will be using this to go into further detail about my excitement and current plans on what to do, not just with upcoming games, but the games I am currently playing right now and essentially give a brief status update. Please realize this only talks about the games coming out between now and the end of the year plus games with no news about localization at all yet.

So, to start, let’s begin with what I’m currently playing:
Animal Crossing: New Leaf – As most people know, I’m still working on the badges I have left! Besides those 4 badges though, I’ve also finally started work on my Island to make it look a bit nicer. Currently, I’m in the process of transferring flowers (so frustrating T__T) and then once it’s finally done, I’ll write an update showing off the newly finished Island. And of course, updates when the badges finish…

Tomodachi Life – One thing I really need to do is spend a day just getting things caught up. I’ve mostly been just checking in each day for the 3 Markets and to check the shops plus see if anyone new wants to get together/have a baby and also checking the news. I’ll have a small mini-update tomorrow though. Regardless, I just need to find time to not only update the Stat page, but clear out my items as I have…way too many clothes in my inventory I’ve been planning to give characters and just keep forgetting. The biggest issue is I tend to get in the mood to play Tomodachi Life at 9PM…when all my Miis have gone to sleep :| Seriously, how much I wish you could wake them up….

Disney Magical World – Disney Magical World is another game I really need to find more time to invest in as most of what I need to do involves gathering materials. Right now, I’ve been checking even more often for Halloween and also been constantly checking the ponds in the 100 Acre Woods as I really need another one of the rare bubbles from there. Unfortunately, Pooh’s World is the area I’ve had the worst chance finding the rarer bubbles and even Good Luck charms can’t help me enough. At the moment, I currently still need the Nightmare Wallpaper, the Skeleton Counter, Pumpkin King Portrait, Halloween Wallpaper, Happy Pumpkin Lantern, Pumpkin King Pie Recipe (which hopefully won’t show up before I can finish the Carrot Costume…), and the Halloween Themed Bed for Halloween stuff. Only the last item is from Scrooge’s shop–the rest consists of recipes from favors (with the exception of the Portrait and Happy Pumpkin Lantern which are the items themselves). For Fall stuff, I need (at least out of what I know–there could be more) Minnie Fall Skirt and Marie Fall Beret… then I’m set limited-wise until Winter/Christmas. …and as I typed this, I just got the other fish I needed in Pooh’s World so Carrot Costume complete! Yay! I plan to write a Disney Magical World update once I have enough combos to get a picture with Daisy, Donald, and Goofy (together or separately) in their Halloween costumes.

Girls’ Fashion Shoot – As you can probably guess from my last entry, I’ve really been enjoying this game and it’s been a bit of my “break” as the games above all require a lot more effort that I just haven’t felt up to lately. Essentially, while I enjoy minigames and things, I have a lot of trouble with things that are grind-based. If it’s for a quest, I can do it, but the same thing over and over without the goal changing tends to tire me out. I’m not entirely sure how long I’ll be playing this as I’m not sure where exactly the end is. Maybe when I reach #1? Maybe when I buy everything? I’m honestly not 100% sure. Despite that, you can find a new page on the website for it showing off the various designs I’ve done in the game. I’ve had fun streaming it, but I’m not sure just yet if I’ll continue to stream everything or not.

Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright – Technically, I’ve beaten this game already :P But there are still bonuses (12 total) which come in every Friday so still doing that! Which brings me to…

Pokemon X – Right now this is kind of inbetween here and below. I only am occasionally letting it sit open to try and get the Pokemon Amie decorations I still need… but not knowing how many I have left makes it kind of hard. Besides that, I still occasionally try for ribbons I still need (Battle Maison and the Super Training ones are all I have left and I can’t do the latter due to it being too stylus heavy for me–only got one with help… And well, I’ve ranted enough about my Battle Maison issues).

Games I need to get back to

Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy – Like with Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright, I’ve already beaten it and only have bonuses left. Now, I love puzzles. A lot. Unfortunately, Azran Legacy took the same bonus puzzle format as Miracle Mask which I found… incredibly boring. It just doesn’t switch up enough and I don’t like most of the puzzles that are options either which makes it really tedious. I love the rewards for it, but I just wish the puzzles were better. I’m sure I’ll get to them eventually, but it’ll be quite a while…

Hometown Story – I really want to give this game another shot–I find several things about it fairly interesting. I just need to get over certain mechanics and the lack of direction for it first.

Harvest Moon: A New Beginning – I just want to get my child fully grown. Everything else is done though.

Style Savvy: Trendsetters – I mostly want to get a picture in each event. The hard part is I’m not entirely sure how many events there are. Style Savvy had a great index of all the different outfits and when the events are, but the sequel sadly does not.

Pokemon Rumble Blast – Yep! I still haven’t beaten this. I’m in the last area I believe, but in general a lot of stuff came out that I just cared for more as some of the changes in this game made it disappointing for me compared to the Wii version (though, I still find it better than the Wii U version).

Freaky Forms – I need to StreetPass people more to get the final trophy I need. Plus I need to try and get jackpots more for the final pattern I still need.

Art Academy – As I’ve mentioned before, I have issues with Stylus heavy games so I can usually get only one lesson done at a time and then I usually hate my work so much I give up for like months. I’d like to complete it though. I’m hoping Pokemon Art Academy may get me to try and stick with it more… but I’ll talk more about that in the next section. Also, I missed the special Goomba pattern which just made me even more unmotivated :(

Nintendogs + Cats – Another game where it’s just up to luck and hoping to get the final items I need. Regardless, I’m still determined to try.

Fire Emblem: Awakening – One of the bigger ones. I beat the main story and I did all the DLC, but I really want to get all the support conversations done with each person plus get my renown maxed so…

LittleBigPlanet 2 – While the main story is 100%’d, I have several DLC packs which are not along with DLC I still need to buy. The main issue is LBP2 has many things I’m just awful with (like anything involving the Move or Vita) and also requires more than one person… On top of that, my PS3 is very very old and the overheating is getting worse by the day which makes it harder and harder to play for long periods. :(

Super Mario 3D World – I really want to finish the final world and final mystery box and get all the stamps, but it’ll be a lot of practice before I do so…

Games I’m looking forward to/will be gotten sometime soon

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call – This actually comes out today, but it’s unlikely we’ll be getting it on release. While I seem to be a lot better at it according to the demo (yay for button controls) and supposedly character unlocking is easier, there’s just so much happening right now I can’t really go out of a way for any game I don’t feel I’ll be super in love with. That said, I definitely want this game a lot more after the demo now that I know I won’t break my wrist while playing and that I have a much easier time with it. I love the music in the game so.

Disney Infinity 2.0 – Coming out in a week, I’m sad I can’t get it at launch. I love Disney, but this is a game that I know will just end up costing me quite a bit. As it is, I think it’ll be a long discussion on who we decide to get in the first place.

Hyrule Warriors – This is probably more my fiancé’s highlight than mine, though, I still think the game looks cool. I don’t think I’ll stream it or write much about it, but I am looking forward to playing as Zelda, Ruto, and Lana. Still sad Saria didn’t make it though! I am sad it doesn’t look like North America will be getting the full special edition with the clock and chest in addition to the scarf though–that pack looked amazing so it makes me sad it doesn’t look like it’ll be making its way here.

Super Smash Bros 3DS & Wii U – While I have yet to decide if I want to go to a store to get it (I’ll probably be doing this for the Wii U version though) or just pre-order from Amazon, I’m still pretty excited for it. It’s not too much longer until the 3DS version is out and I’m looking forward to getting to play as Jigglypuff and do my Pokeball toss matches. I am probably going to do the Classic Mode followed by Adventure Mode with every character first… but I may do some versus matches inbetween just to unlock characters. That said, I’m really nervous about the challenges/requirements of some things. I don’t think I’m good enough to be able to achieve many of them which makes me quite sad as collecting trophies is my favorite part and I’m really looking forward to the Mii customization…

Fantasy Life – I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS. I really want to finish a lot of the games I’m currently playing off (or at least get them to a good point) because I know I will be focusing on this game a lot. I’m just super excited to level up all the classes and dress up my character and decorate her home and play with friends and seriously, I can not explain enough how excited I am for this game. I just hope I’m not completely awful at the “minigames” that happen when making things.

Pokemon Art Academy – As mentioned above, I have the Art Academy game which I am still trying to play more. I’m hoping with this being Pokemon and the fact that maybe I won’t miss out on special DLC will make me more motivated for it.

Sunset Overdrive – While I most likely won’t be getting this at launch simply because I do not have an Xbox One yet (and with how the year has been going, it seems our plans to get one most likely won’t work out), I still think it looks great and if I did have the system, there’d be no doubt in my mind on whether I should get it or not. The customization looks amazing and it reminds me so much of when I still really enjoyed the Sonic series with all the rail grinding. I miss you, Sonic Adventure series. But yes, back to Sunset Overdrive–the exploding Teddy Bear launcher just makes it even better. THE POWER OF TEDDY BEARS.

LittleBigPlanet 3 – LBP3 has a weird effect in the fact that I’m constantly going back and forth on it. Not because of the game–LBP3 looks awesome, but an odd thing on if costumes are coming over or not. With all the changes, it seems highly unlikely they will come over (with maybe the exception of DLC). On the otherhand, you may still be able to get them through levels… on the otherhand, maybe none of the items will be available and there will be all new DLC and etc. And I just have so many scenarios going on in my head that I don’t really know what to do and I don’t want to go into LBP3 without figuring this out. On one hand, if they don’t transfer, I don’t have to worry about the few things I have left in LBP2 or the DLC I didn’t buy. On the otherhand, if they do… well, you can figure that out. I just wish there was more information on what is going on with this.

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire + Omega Ruby – I know I will be getting these on release. There’s no question on that. I am IMMENSELY excited about Secret Hideouts and their upgrades. I am in love with Mega Audino’s design (why can’t it be permanent T___T). I have my party ready to go (minus Cosplaychu). But there’s still been no news on Trainer Customization! And that sucks. That really sucks. I just… I want confirmation on it already. And if they really did remove it, that’s just… super super super disappointing. Like I said, I’ll still get it, but… bleh. May’s design has always been my least favorite (I also only liked her very first outfit) and just customized trainers with the updated contests (and wow do I hate her contest outfit) and secret hideouts would be absolutely amazing.

Story of Seasons and Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley – At the moment, it seems The Lost Valley will be out first. While I still have some worries for both (Story of Seasons seeming nearly impossible to complete in the time I like do to Animal Lifespans, Lost Valley’s lack of a shipping bin, neither really having a Bachelor that jumps out at me, etc.), I’m still looking forward to them just for my love of the Harvest Moon series in general.

Captain Toad Treasure Tracker – Captain Toad is adorable. Puzzle games are adorable. There is just no reason I wouldn’t be super excited for this. If not also terrified by some of those level designs.

Games I’m still waiting on news for

Magician’s Quest: Town of Magic – I’ll be honest, I know this is probably never going to come over. I loved Magician’s Quest and that’s part of what makes me sad that the sequel is most likely never going to happen. It’s essentially Animal Crossing with magic and quests.

The update to Style Savvy: Trendsetters – Japan received an update in Spring that added several new features. Ignoring that Japan also got some lovely items we didn’t (Baby the Stars Shine Bright has a US brand too T__T And that blue dress is gorgeous… I wish it was also in pink) and some of the stuff removed from the North American version, I just really hope we can get the update. I feel like it may be unlikely due to the things that were removed which makes me sad, but I really want to see the update come over. The game could definitely use it.