Games I’m looking forward to most (for 2014)

While I already have a game list up with games that my fiancé and/or I are/is/am looking forward too, I wanted to talk a bit more about the ones I am personally looking forward to the most–ones I want to get on Launch Day/Preorder before they release. I’ll admit, I haven’t been preordering games as much lately due to the fact that:
1. The Nintendo World Store will often hold events the same day (or sometimes earlier–usually not more than a day before, though, I recall when Wii Sports Resort came out it actually had a special event in Times Square on a Thursday and you could also pick up the game–this event was amazing just for the record >>) and I’d rather pick up the game while enjoying the event. Of course, lately many of the events have been the following day and then I’m usually too busy playing the game to go so… (plus Saturday is usually our shopping day for the week)
2. There isn’t really good parking at most game stores and so I usually prefer to just preorder online to get things shipped. Similarly, while I’d like to preorder so I don’t have to worry about getting to events at the Nintendo Store super early, despite living in New York, Manhattan is still a bit out of the way to really find time to go all the way there just to preorder something.

But there is still a chance these could be pre-order games! I’m pretty sure some will…but only if I can guarantee they will be here on Day 1 :P And I don’t hear of any midnight launches. But yes, let’s get on with the list! Games will be listed by release date.

1. Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney – I love both series so I’m incredibly excited we are finally getting this one. While it was likely we would, the wait was still hard. I don’t understand why Europe ended up getting it so much sooner (I know there are differences between European and American English, but there aren’t that many–the only other thing I could think of is how Luke’s voice is redubbed… I mean, I guess the other voices, besides Professor Layton’s, could also? But I would think all the languages that PAL regions usually have would’ve caused it to take longer… regardless, I’m rambling now), but I’m still just happy we will be receiving it and it’s definitely a day-one purchase for me. I should probably catch up on my daily puzzles before this launches though–on the otherhand, the daily puzzles will still be going while it’s out…

2. Super Smash Brothers (Technically, 3DS as Wii U won’t be out for a few more motnsh after, but I’m going to just use this for both) – While Super Smash Brothers isn’t as high as many other games on this list, it’s still something I wouldn’t pass up getting the day it comes out. I really am excited to try out the Villager and Mii (though, I don’t expect them to beat out Kirby and Jigglypuff (please return, Jigglypuff) as my main characters) and possibly Palutena as well along with all the neat Amiibo things once they are out. I’m hoping my issues with Brawl won’t be in the 3DS/Wii U game, but I’ll try and keep positive regardless.

3. Fantasy Life – If you couldn’t tell by my entry about the game in general, I am REALLY looking forward to this. I expect to write quite a bit about my adventures as I play each day with my fiancé (if you think I’m not tag-teaming through the entire game with him, you are mistaken :P) and possibly some friends as well (I expect it to be the Link version, but just incase). I’m still not sure what class I want to start with (I’m leaning towards Sorcerer, but part of me wants to work on Clothes first, but it’ll be hard earning stuff if I can’t hit anything, and this is literally what I keep going back and forth with in my head. Right now, I’m thinking Sorcerer and then all crafting classes… but I’m still debating), but I’m looking forward to it regardless. I just hope using something I really like to wear won’t mess up my stats too much because as soon as I get a pretty Princess dress, that’s it. (I hope it comes in pink)

4. Pokemon Art Academy – While I’m not very good at the Art Academy games, something about this one really excites me. Most likely my love of Pokemon, but I like all the little tidbits they did to the game to make it related (such as a rival and the teacher dressing up like a Professor).

5. Pokemon Alpha Sapphire – Mostly because I really really really miss Secret Bases. I hope they (and customization) make a strong return, but for now, I’m just really excited. Plus, it has the first Mega Pokemon that I actually really like: Mega Diancie. Before, it was just Mega Gardevoir who I thought was pretty, but felt no desire to use, so it’s not to find one that I actually really would like to use in my team. I don’t really play Pokemon based on stats (thus why I’m not a fan of the Battle Frontier-like things) and just make a team of favorites I can get in the game while catching them all. Speaking of catching them all though–I hope I can get my motivation back for X/Y so I can finish my Pokedex before this game comes out. It feels unlikely though :/

I also hope some kind of photo feature returns.

6. LittleBigPlanet 3 – The new game that got my attention most at E3, there’s no way I couldn’t be looking forward to it. I want to finish up some of the extra level pack stuff on LBP2 before it comes out, but besides that I am just really anxious for another adventure–especially as my PS3 has fairly bad overheating issues and I can’t really justify getting a Playstation 3 Slim to finish up the one game so I’m just hoping that costumes will be able to be transferred like levels and things.

Having gotten every single DLC (minus the Week One Shirt due to the issue with it in North America, the Crown because I can’t do anything worthy of one, and one of the Beta Tester items) I can and made tons of outfits I really love, I really want to be able to keep using them.

7. Story of Seasons – The most recently released in the Farm Story/Harvest Moon line! Due to my love for the series, there really isn’t a reason for me to pass on it. That said, I am still mixed on some things! I think the graphics look really nice, but certain stuff I know will make me sad and the game requires a lot more time than usual–which while not necessarily a bad thing, I just don’t play longer than a certain time for my animals. I still expect to get the game right away and I’m definitely looking forward to it, but I think I’ll keep an eye on various things so I can get a good idea on how to get things done without stressing myself out.

8. Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley – Because more Farm games is not a bad thing :P I’ve already said quite a bit on this game, but in short: I can play without worrying/stressing and lots of customization and again, fun farm simulation with cute animals. I just hope there will be character customization as well along with lots of pink stuff :P (And I would like to see things look less-cube-y, but it’s not really a deal breaker for me)

Honorable mentions:

Sunset Overdrive – I don’t know yet if this will be a day one purchase or not, but I like the colors and customization is always cool, but I’m just not sure how much I will enjoy the shooting all the mutant monsters in the face yet. (The moving around definitely reminds me of a Sonic Adventure game though!)

The Witness – There really hasn’t been much information on it so I’m not even sure if Summer 2014 is still the date, but I’m still really looking forward to the puzzle-adventure game. Still unsure if I’ll get it on PS4 or PC, but I am leaning towards the former (unless the PC version comes out first)

Project Spark – Because who doesn’t like being able to create all kinds of neat things? :P Regardless, I tend to be awful with these kinds of things which is part of why it’s not a “definite” yet–it really depends on how everything works.

And that’s it for the 2014 games this year :3 And now to continue excitedly waiting to finally get to play them!