Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Special Announcement! Plus some other things

Twitch Drops have been announced for Disney Dreamlight Valley for the first week of Update 4 and I’m one of the channels you can watch to earn them! You will earn the first item after watching for 15 minutes and additional items after watching for an additional 30 minutes, 45 minutes, and 1 hour respectively for a total of 2 and a half hours. I will be live starting from when Update 4 goes live on Wednesday until I get through everything I possibly can. I’ll continue to be live randomly throughout the week after to finish anything else as well :)

Drops start April 5th when Update 4 goes up!

You will likely need to claim them after each respective amount of time from the Twitch inventory page and you need to make sure you have DDLV Account linked to your Twitch account.

If you have no idea what Twitch drops are or are unfamiliar with Twitch as a whole, they’re essentially things you can earn from watching Twitch Streams. There is more information in the official announcement, but if you have any questions, feel free to ask below!

And don’t forget to follow me over on Twitch to be notified when I go Live in order to earn these drops from watching! I generally do “No Commentary” stuff just like Youtube so it’ll be a nice relaxing time with just the game sounds :)

With that out of the way, we officially got the new Patch Notes! For the most part, I’m pretty excited, but there are a few things I am still bummed about… and of course, it’s about the Premium Shop.

– New optional items are coming to the Premium Shop for a limited time! Get ready to live your perfect life at sea with Prince Eric’s Boat house Dream Style and meet Dreamlight infused animal companions for the first time.

I’ve bolded the parts that tie to my concerns most, but essentially, there isn’t a single good reason for any of the items to be limited time. I hate the wording, I hate the vagueness of it, and I just hate the idea of any premium store content being limited in general. It’s possible this is just referring to the usual rotation, but then it’s misleading at best and either way, just isn’t great honestly?

As for my other concern, it’s whatever the prices will be for Pets. If you found your way here randomly and have no clue who I am, I love collecting Pets in games. I’ve written guides about pets, they’re almost always my first initial focus/goals in games that have them to collect all of them, and missing out on a pet can actually kill a lot of my motivation for a game. I won’t talk about how much money I’ve put into games in the past due to this. It is very much a big deal for me and as mentioned in my past entries, with how bad the prices have generally been, I am both very scared for the prices for these along with how many there could be. I had really hoped it would stick to just furniture and apparel. :(

Moving onto more positive things from the patch notes, I am very excited for the new Lion King Realm. I love the Realms a lot, honestly, and I hope we may eventually get them more often. Nala is also one of my favorite Disney characters, so I am really excited to get her unlocked. Plus, with Simba and Nala’s arrival, I’ll finally be able to complete one of my last Dreamlight Tasks.

I’m glad the rides will also be part of the Star Path due to how advertised they were. I am curious if there will be some in the Premium Shop too (hopefully not), but we’ll just have to wait and see.

Scrooge’s shop is still such a mixed bag for me to be excited for because I still have SO many items I’m missing already, but I am looking forward to more variety with the Bathroom furniture.

We also got confirmation for an Easter Event which it sounds like it’ll be longer than the previous events. I’m guessing we’ll have to find Eggs and maybe there will be some new recipes? Excited to see either way.

I am VERY excited about the new crafting stuff for our Pets! I think the hard part will be deciding who to let out in each… though, I’ll likely try to make enough for all of them, assuming there isn’t a limit to how many pets you can have out. Though, I probably need to actually start decorating more to really find a good place to put them… Unless I start working on my second Floor. Or both. Or maybe I can finally do the proper makeover of the room to the right…

I would say the other thing I’m excited for is Buzz’s new quest. We haven’t really had many random new quests in a while now and I am always down for new quests.

Obviously, anything related to the Potato Situation won’t be mentioned, but I’m going to continue to keep an eye out. I’m also hoping the increased Critical rate means maybe better memory spawns? Memory spawning has still been an absolute mess and anything to make it better would be quite welcomed.

Sitting on Benches is very cute as well, but I don’t know how often I’ll use it.

Finally, a few more things I’ve been doing in-game in the meantime! It’s not been too much, but I did end up doing a little rearranging and adding some new furniture I got.

I also realized I can apparently find chests while in the Furniture placement mode which helps a lot.

It’s still not a foolproof effort (I still haven’t found my Moonstone chest today, but I did find my Green chest for today and yesterday), but it’s definitely very helpful and is a lot easier for me to check than trying to on foot. Also gives me more motivation I guess to work on decorating my Valley more so maybe I can have actual designated areas to check in the future…