Disney Dreamlight Valley – It’s time for Update 4!

This update has been… a lot. I had gone in thinking it’d be a bit more low-brow, not in any negative sense, but like in the sense that outside of maybe a single new Potato, there wouldn’t be much else than what was announced and there would be some stuff I couldn’t do more of right now due to the Easter Event. AND BOY WAS I WRONG.

This post has actually been written slowly over the last several days so you’ll essentially see a lot of things in different parts. Like I said, IT’S BEEN A LOT.

Before we get more into my Gamelog of everything, I do want to start out on the Twitch Drop stuff. I do feel bad only 20 people got picked and being one of the smallest of those 20, I’m still so surprised I was invited, but I hope that the success of this means it’ll be open to everyone next time. I also want to give a big shout out to EVERYONE who stopped by. At our largest, we had over 1,600 people. I’m still in shock over it, but I’m especially in shock because everyone was so nice. Nobody broke any rules. Everyone was polite. People really vibed with the No Commentary, which I’ve had smaller crowds berate me about, and I got to do the thing I really love doing in the Gaming World: Answering questions. My very first step in anything Gaming-related was making game guides. I still do from time to time, but there is a specific level of dedication required and I often prefer games with a vast Collection which can make actually making a guide take a VERY long time.

It’s part of why I often do Focused Guides– set on focusing on a specific collection or extra thing that I’m really passionate about. With DDLV, that comes in Companions (which the Premium Shop ones are making me cry and we’ll get to), Cooking, and stuff like the Potato. I’m so passionate with completing the Collections and Mysteries so those things are just my entire jam. It was also so much fun working through the Orange Potato on stream. Again, we’ll get to all of the stuff in a bit, but I do have some ideas on the Blue Potato so we’ll be testing that in the Stream today (and this will probably be posted after that). You do need to have at least the Gold Potato, and possibly also the Red Potato, done in order to find these Potatoes so be sure to do so if you haven’t yet!

I’m not a very social person. Socializing is pretty hard for me, so I also am super thankful both to the Chatters and my friend and moderator, Diggeh who really helped keep the Chat going, even as my Social Anxiety really started kicking in, especially with the general overwhelmedness with way more things in this update than I ever expected combined with exhaustion and allergies really starting to kick in.

I know all the other days will probably be a lot lighter, but the response has definitely made me want to try and stream more which is something that has been very hard between issues with my chair and just… general health issues due to the weather and other issues in the world.

Regardless, let’s get to the Game log!! There is A LOT to talk about and this will be all over the place because I was overwhelmed from the get-go.

Before the update started, in my usual “log in once and stay offline until the update hits” pattern, I ended up slightly reorganizing things as I realized I couldn’t fit through the door as the Piano was slightly too far over. I think it still looks nice. I also realized that I apparently never made the new Light since unlocking Sapphires so I fixed that.

As soon as the Update was done, the first thing I did was talk to Buzz. I tried looking everywhere, checking each house in case of Aliens (based off what Buzz said) and Potatoes (because of the Red Potato)… But ended up finding my first Alien just lying on the ground and as I’d eventually learn, it seemed they were outside only despite what he said.

As for everything else though… This entry really does get pretty long so be sure to click to keep on reading!

Inbetween this time though, I also checked the Premium Shop and as expected, the Critters’ prices are… more expensive than I expected. I’ve noticed they kept to the new minimum of essentially 500 an item which I actually think wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t for the forced Bundles. If I really just wanted one item, dropping 500 Moonstones doesn’t feel awful? That’s about $2.50 give or take. But if I’m forced to get a Bundle, I’d expect a slight discount to that price.

The price is also so close to the Star Path prices for once where a Star Path Companion is equal to about 400 Moonstones so I’m also just… really surprised the Dreamlight Infused ones are more expensive. I think if it was 1,600 it’d be a lot better with maybe each separately at 500 (Or 1,300-1,500 Bundle discount with each at 400).

The first Bundle also outright says it’s “Bundle 1” which means there will be a second 2,000 Moonstone Bundle in one of the next rotations. Plus, considering Dreamlight has been shown as Pink and Blue, there’s a chance of light Blue versions as well which would be another 4,000 for 6,0000 more Moonstones for all the Pets… (Or 8,000 total with the first Bundle currently available) which is essentially about $30 worth of Moonstones and my need to collect all the Pets cries.

At this point, my biggest issues with the Premium Shop are the forcedness of Bundles (which… Bundles work best if it’s a bonus or if it has a Discount added on to what you’d get if you bought them separately) and the FOMO encouragement by forcing a rotation and “Limited Time” items on top of it. There’s not a single good reason to do this and more people are willing to put money in if they feel like the game isn’t trying to encourage that FOMO versus those who feel pressured to who may end up no longer playing altogether.

I am glad to see it’s getting better and I do hope it continues to improve. I do wish Premium Skins were capped at 2,500 though… which still feels pricey as it’s the price of the Star Path, but I feel like it’s still a lot fairer overall.

Moving back into the game, I also started getting my items from the Twitch Drops. I’m going to just share all four here for conveniencesake, but as a reminder, it takes 2 and a half hours minimum to get everything. I do miss when you didn’t need to claim each item individually though (I’m not sure when they started forcing that, but it wasn’t always that way). Anyway, for those unsure of where to find them, they spawn in your mailbox!

The notification does not always pop up, but I always had them right away. I did see others needing to restart multiple times for them to show up or it taking hours longer.

Continuing back to game progress, in my continued search for Aliens and Potatoes, my persistence DID work out and I spotted this Blue Potato in Ursula’s house!!

But then, while continuing our exploration, I found the first of some new secret quests when I stumbled upon this in the Forest of Valor:

Picking it up started a Questline for Remy. Essentially, he wanted to make some 5 Star Meals as a Thank you to Merlin, Mickey, and Goofy for sticking around when the Forgetting happened. Merlin was especially moved by it.

With that set, my search for suspicious things continued. I also remembered I could glide which is pretty cool! But with the amount of stamina it knocks out as you use it, I don’t know if I’ll use it too much. Just with the Gold also offering increased Critical Hits (those hits that spawn a bunch of stuff/let you keep harvesting), I’d rather use it for those than a Speed Boost unless I REALLY need to go fast for some reason.

It was then I found another surprise item which unlocked a new quest with Minnie!

Essentially, she was worried about people disappearing again, but after some kind words were shared from Moana, Anna, and Elsa, she felt a lot better and hopefully her nightmares would stop. We also got a bunch of Clay back which a lot of people found amusing.

Moving on to another new thing in the update: Taking photos with Companions! I think the Fox and Squirrel poses may be my favorite? They just feel more dynamic to me, I guess. I do wish I could pick which pet from this screen versus having to pick from the Wardrobe and then set everything back up. I also really wish we could take photos inside with them.

No clue what happened to the dress when holding Pua though…

While continuing our searching, I noticed the small Pool in the Sunlit Plateau Mines had a glow and a similar prompt to the Potatoes… It asked for 5 items, one of which the Blue Potato could be part of so clearly, we had four more items to find.

The Blue Potato turned out to not be the only Potato surprise in the update with a very messy search for 20 Orange Pebbles for the Orange Potato. I have all the Potato information here, but essentially you needed to wear the Lenses of Shadows, hinted from a paper in the secret room, from Scrooge’s Level 10 Quest to find a total of 20 Orange Pebbles– 6 in the Castle (3 of which are in the secret room that you can only get to through Mickey’s level 10 friendship Quest), 2 in WALL-E’s Realm, 4 in Moana’s Realm, 1 in Remy’s Realm, 4 in the Toy Story Realm, and 3 in the Frozen Realm. They are ridiculously small and even as someone with good eyesight, I struggled quite a bit.

With all 20 Pebbles in hand, we could make the Orange Potato and the simplest Potion thus far.

With that done, I decided to finally start the Lion King Realm.

We had to grow some vines to stop the Hyenas. Once the creepy part was taken care of, everything got a lot prettier. So many waterfalls.

We ended up having to find bugs to make a meal. Before I got to cooking though, I ended up finding another suspicious item which started a new Merlin quest…

It ended up being fairly short though as I essentially had to wait until tomorrow to continue it, so it was time to get Nala and Simba to the Valley. Simba wasn’t quite ready to go, but Nala was now here and it was time to get her to level 10.

Nala’s overall friendship quest essentially ended up being about repairing these Lion Statues and working out these rifts that we could fish a suspicious ghostly fish from. Alas, catching the non-ghostly version of the Fish required it to be evening, so we’ll have to wait until later to fully finish everything…

In the meantime, I headed back to help Simba and after helping the clouds clear so he could see the stars and restoring the oasis, he made his way to the valley.

While getting ready to start Simba’s friendship quest as I couldn’t finish Nala’s for the moment, I noticed something very important: THE FOUNTAIN TILES FINALLY WORK!!

Whatever fixed this also added some extra flowing to the very pretty Beauty and the Beast Rose Fountain, but fixed the Frozen Fountain as well to actually flow too. Now if only the Sorcerer Mickey and giant Fountain also had some actual flowing water.

Simba’s quests were interesting as none of them really followed the pattern of most of the other Friendship Quests. We had a photo quest almost immediately and even found a secret room in the mines as we continued along.

I also finally managed to finish Nala’s level 10 quest and got this amazing item as a gift. This may be my favorite level 10 Friendship gift.

Simba’s quests, continuing in a unique fashion, brought in this very pretty tree that grows the Dreamlight Fruit. His level 10 quest added 3 more to the Valley and honestly, they’re so pretty. I’d love more just for decoration purposes– just give me ones with fake fruit or lanterns or something.

Meanwhile, on the recipe front, things were going pretty well. I also found a very cute lamp in the Lion King Realm.

With recipes I could make done for now, my Star Path paused for another day, and Nala’s and Simba’s quests done, it was time to set my sights back to the initial potato mystery found during update 4: The Blue Potato. The blue items it needed to be with were found through odd water mazes and as expected, putting them all together in the suspicious pool gave us the Blue Potion.

I then made another important discovery: The Gem & Opal Road Path that I’ve been wanting to craft since Day 1 had its recipe adjusted so it no longer required Alexandrite, which doesn’t currently exist in the game, and thus, could be made.

And not only did I go completely ham, it motivated me to finally start decorating as well.

I will admit though that I am slightly disappointed with the pattern. I really wanted it to just be like the other, but with a pink gem. While the teal at least still works pretty well aesthetically, I don’t care for the darker blue featured in it.

I also made some adjustments to the Plaze which I ended up making more changes later:

And I continued making more adjustments to the Meadow:

The exterior wasn’t the only thing worked on though– I also did quite the revision to the right wing of the main floor which I hadn’t been happy with. I like this a lot better, but I’m still not sure if I’m fully satisfied with it.

I managed to finish my Alien quest due to a weird laggy bug, but Buzz’s ending was ominous and the reward lackluster, so I had a feeling there would be another part (plus if you talk to him again, it mentions as much).

I continued to do various bits of tweaking and this is probably one of my favorite places to sit.

Continuing to change things up, I ended up moving Buzz and WALL-E to the Forest of Valor.

I also continued to make adjustments by Remy’s Restaurant:

And I ended up moving Anna’s and Kristoff’s House to the other end of the Forest near where Elsa’s cave is. I think it looks a lot nicer there.

I also continued making more tweaks to Buzz’s and WALL-E’s area:

Finally, moving onto the fourth day of Update 4 brought the start of the Easter Event (Eggstravaganza) which had Eggs growing in some unique places. Honestly, I genuinely like the bushes and am going to be sad if they do end up going.

This event also introduced Daily and Weekly Quests for the first time which… I will admit I’m mixed on.

Ignoring more cute items that taunt me, I’m already bored of them after having not even done them for a week because I just… do not jive with dailies and weeklies. They don’t change up enough (I’m very much a one time only quest kind of girl) and even the flower ones I had a repeat already for the flower baskets…

My main concern is that there could be something locked behind these Daily/Weekly quests in the future, whether it be an additional quest line or Dreamlight Tasks-related, but I just do not enjoy Daily/Weekly grind. If it’s left as just a way for people to earn extra materials and stuff, but optional overall, that’s fine! I just don’t want to feel like I’m missing out on something if I don’t do any of them more than once.

What I didn’t expect though was earning these adorable Bunnies from completing the new Event Dreamlight Task for harvesting the Yellow Egg Fruit Plant.

I may have squealed out loud when I saw the first one pop up. We’ve gotten furniture and clothing items before, but this is the first time we’ve gotten Pets through these.

The Easter and Spring items are also genuinely just really cute.

I then realized I had yet to show off the Twitch Drop items, so I finally set things up as I had earned them Day 1. I actually really liked the laptop especially and the Chair worked better than what I was currently using until I can finally get the Pink Wreck-it Ralph Gamer chair to show up in Scrooge’s store already…

While not planned, I did end up working on decorating Dazzle Beach a bit too.

I also continued to do various minor adjustments.

After playign around with options, I even did two things in Glade of Trust:

I also adjusted the side room again and I think adding the different wallpapers and paintings somehow brought the room together a bit more.

As expected, Buzz did have another Phase which finally unlocked. This time, I had to find Aliens inside houses– they have a different ID so the leftover ones I found in the Biome didn’t count.

The reward was another Space Ranger Supply Pack which… still wasn’t too great, but he has another locked quest so there’s at least one more phase. Hopefully it unlocks soon.

I continued doing more adjustments and realized the Frozen Fountain is also working nicely now.

And then I somehow felt inspired to work on Frosted Heights too.

I continued doing even more adjustments, such as deciding to straighten out Ariel’s path and color-coding the outside storage chests at least.

I also ended up adding a bit more by Remy’s Restaurant area.

And then I ended up making my way over to Sunlit Plateau because I guess I wanted to do a little something for everywhere… Well, almost, Forgotten Lands won’t really be touched until after we can get rid of the fire and stuff.

Finally, I took a tip out of most people’s books and just put one of each of my Festive Fish out so if I do ever get tripped up and forget to switch things out, this should let me keep one of each.

In the meantime, feel free to check out a full tour of my Valley at the moment below (well, minus the Forgotten Lands as there is nothing really to show there yet). I already made a few more adjustments, but it’s still pretty much accurate.

The VODs are also up on Youtube with Day 6 currently being uploaded and Day 7 being downloaded and Edited… I will need to go through and properly timestamp them all when I have time though.

I’ll edit this post whenever the next part of Buzz’s quest starts or if there are anymore surprises with WALL-E’s Event Dailies/Weeklies.

We also got a really neat survey we could take which has both a lot of stuff I’m excited for, but also stuff I’m worried they may even be considering adding. I’m going to try and just focus on the positives for now…

Edit as of April 12th, 2023: As expected, another Phase from Buzz and this time in the vaguest description ever for where to look… “Common areas and Secret spots” so everywhere I guess?? But I figured it wasn’t actually everywhere and started with anywhere I had yet to find any. I found them mostly in Remy’s Restaurant and the Castle, but still have 7 more to find and I just… hate that they’re split up per day so much.

In the meantime, we had another surprise today with the announcement of the Dreamlight Park Community Challenge.

I at least have some of each of the items eligible for each part already in my valley, but not sure if I have room to set up a full Park-looking area or place tons more stuff. I hope we hit everything, even if I’m not sure we’ll actually get anything new (As even the code, DREAMLIGHTPARK, was just for the Magical Recyclers you can get from the Star Path), but hey, super helpful for people who can’t do the Star Path to earn these items. I at least took these pictures for now:

I hope they’ll give us updates on how close we are. I also put Donald and Goofy in their special outfits from the Star Path to contribute, even though I’m not personally a fan of either.

Over at Scrooge’s Store, despite my usual terrible luck and way too many items I want that he has yet to stock, I did finally get another item I’ve been really wanting.

The only other thing I did was a few more adjustments around the Valley…

I also learned you can see on the Dreamlight Trees! As if I needed another reason to like them so much.

Hopefully we’ll be able to finish Buzz’s quest soon, but with the usual track record, it’ll probably be 36 hours to do so :|

Edit as of April 13th, 2023: Technically, shortly after midnight making it the 14th, but most things in the game don’t roll over until 4AM or 5AM so I’m counting it as the 13th. I ended up finding the rest of the Aliens to finish Phase 3! This time, the reward was a bunch of flowers…

There’s clearly one phase left so hopefully it unlocks soon and I’m just praying I can find them all in a single day.