Disney Dreamlight Valley – The Interlude before Update 5!

So, as I usually do, I wanted to share some of the stuff I’ve been up to as Update 5 is apparently releasing tomorrow. If you caught some of the Twitch Drops streaming, you’ll already be familiar with some of this. I had planned to make an entry sooner, similar to how I did during the last time Drops were done, but it’s been a very rough month to say the least and the weekend did not go as planned. I’m glad I was still able to help people out, but I feel bad I wasn’t able to do as much this time around.

Regardless, starting from the top. I was really excited to FINALLY see this bed in Scrooge’s Shop.

Unfortunately, it’s slightly wider than the bed I was using previously, so I had to re-work several things.

I think it turned out okay, but I do wish the bed was the same size as the one I had been previously using.

Next up, during Twitch Drops, I actually had a few new things I wanted to try and do. Specifically, I was going to work on my second floor. First, I made what is essentially an Indoor Garden. I had initially envisioned maybe doing more with plants or flowers or something, but I honestly really like how it came out.

Next, with the news that we would be able to display outfits in Update 5, I wanted to make a cute sewing room. I may still do more with it, but I think it came out nice.

I then wanted to make a kind of Celestial Observatory. I had wanted to do a set room for the potions and books anyway. I initially envisioned a bit more for it, but space was tight.

The last room I turned into a Piano Room. I might try and do more with it as it feels rather simplistic right now, but I still think it’s pretty.

The biggest adjustments I made though were to the Plaza where I added a big sitting area and moved some stuff around. I also started playing a bit with an idea of a Bamboo Garden, but I may move it somewhere else in the Plaza. We’ll see.

And of course, Twitch Drops meant new items. It’s nice to see the RGB set continued, though, I don’t know if I’ll personally end up using any of the items from this round.

I also finally saw some really neat items in Scrooge’s Shop before. I love these stone tiles, though, it kills me that they can’t actually go under the Zen Garden. I feel like I can make something nice with it though– I just need more inspiration to hit. I also finally got the Popcorn machine as well which I was really happy about.

Going back to Update 5 news, I wanted to talk about one of the more recent announcements– House Skins being able to be placed separately. This honestly makes getting the castle a lot more tempting, along with maybe certain other buildings solely for aesthetic, if it wasn’t for the fact that:

  • Most of the House Skins are fairly big, taking up more place than the initial house and room is something people are already having issues with.
  • Item Limits. Even without the physical space issues, there is also the issue that it is very easy to quickly hit the limit when/if you start decorating in earnest.
  • House Skin prices still feel pretty expensive. I think it’s nice to give more use to them in a way, but I think this also makes the price more frustrating too.

I think the price and lack of space are the only reasons I won’t still be getting the Castle with this change, but it’s definitely going to taunt me a lot more now each time it shows :(

Similarly, Prince Eric’s ship would also look really nice on Dazzle Beach, but probably fairly far out so I couldn’t reach it anyway. Still, just more temptation for stuff that I can’t really justify the cost for X-x

Of course, information quickly came out fast with us even getting the Key Art for the update and it’s nice to see Fairy Godmother confirmed, as expected. I’m really excited to see how the story unfolds.

What we ended up getting next was an Updated version of the 2023 Roadmap. It was neat seeing a hidden code through the binary. For anyone who just wants to know, it reads “PIXL” which can get you some Wreck-it Ralph stuff. Having still been missing one of these, I was very happy with the reward even if there was nothing super unique about it.

I am surprised that the schedule seems slightly broken up here. Vanellope, who initially seemed to be part of this update, has been pushed back to “Summer” which I suppose could still be June, but I would guess is more likely July or August. I am slightly concerned about the “flex your creativity and win in-game prizes” thing though as I don’t really like exclusives tied to like… Popularity/high-score tables/just top selection of people. If it’s something anyone can get by entering, fine, but I don’t really want to see anything get locked to just a small fraction of people.

Going back to the update schedule, the bi-monthly updates are slightly adjusted as regardless of when Vanellope shows up, Belle will be part of the September update. Even if it’ll be a bit longer between updates, I’m just really happy she’s finally going to be added. Of the confirmed characters (IE: Ones that have showed up in trailers and official media already), she and Rapunzel have been the two I’ve wanted most so glad one of them will finally be here.

Of the stuff further along for 2023, I’m most curious about the new tool. If it’s an hourglass like what seems to be being teased, I wonder if it’s a way to change the time/speed-up stuff to some extent or something, but I guess we’ll have to see.

We also got a Star Path preview— I’m most excited for the Phoenix (unsurprisingly, I do love Pets) and the Aquarium. I still haven’t gotten the Little Mermaid Aquarium so I am thrilled for this one, though, I have no clue where I’m going to put it (or really, the other Aquarium even if Scrooge finally would sell it in my game). I’m thinking of maybe moving the Rock Collection out of the bedroom area or something, but I feel like I’d need a whole other non-themed floor then… Decisions are hard.

And then, out of nowhere, today we got the trailer and patch notes.
-I’m not sure if I’ll personally use the Bed one at all unless there’s different bed styles, but I could see myself using it for couches or other furniture. I still like some of the designs they showed.
-It seems Skins for our Tools is an upcoming thing which I’d be more excited about if the Premium Shop prices felt more balanced.
-As it is, they said “New Season” of Premium Shop stuff which I… do not really like the term of because it makes it feel like everything else is going away and just, I hate the rotating system so much. There is no reason for it. It literally just creates extra unneeded FOMO and isn’t okay. There is not a single good reason the shop needs to be like that, especially for items that are already kind of pricey. Similarly, in a simulation game, there should not be any permanently limited items– seasonal is one thing, limited is upsetting in a game where customization is such a core feature.
-Of the items they showed, I loved the Cherryblossom/Plum blossom ones and I can see myself needing all of those so I just hope they won’t be priced too badly :/ Not that I have the slightest clue where I’ll put them– maybe the indoor garden area.
-Honestly, really sad that we’re seeing items even be Premium Shop only with stuff like Umbrellas. At least none of the designs they showed are my cup of tea.
-WALL-E’s new skin is so cute!! Super excited for his quest. Unfortunately, it sounds like both it and the outfits the MC’s are wearing will be Premium Shop ones? Which… I might get the dress if it’s not too bad, but I can’t see myself paying for the other stuff :(

Moving onto the Patch Notes:
-I’m always excited for new quests so no complaints there.
-I know a lot of people have wanted Borders for Paths. I do like that it’s optional– I can see some where I’d use them. Personally, I just want to be able to have roads curve without looking awkward.
-Mixed feelings on new items at Scrooge’s. Until something is better with the Shop Selection, it’s hard to be excited for new things when there’s stuff from Day 1 I’ve really wanted and am still missing. I am VERY thankful that there is at least some kind of visual to know if we haven’t bought an item yet. Should save me from having to empty Scrooge’s shop out each day just to double check.
-Excited for the item limit increase considering I was getting close to hitting it.
-Unpopular opinion but I hate achievements and was honestly hoping they would never come so I’m disappointed to see them added. I wonder if they’ll retroactively activate or not. I would assume so, but I’ve seen them glitch before when added late.
-More Potatoes! I think we all saw this coming.
-DREAM FIZZ WILL FINALLY BE FIXED… I’m so happy. Also the Passion Lilies will be fixed as well which should be nice and make areas of my valley look better.

Anyway, as expected, there seems to be a lot upcoming so I’m just going to do my best. I’ll probably not stream it as I haven’t been doing well lately and I was already overwhelmed last update and this one is supposed to have even more, but I’ll still have a new website post up plus a video recorded as well as per usual.