Disney Dreamlight Valley – Update 5 is here! And there’s… a lot.

Before anything else, I want to start with my shock that WALL-E’s whole thing is not just an item bundle, but essentially a whole quest line DLC at roughly about $15 which… feels like a lot? When they mentioned DLC for Biomes, I expected those to be like $15 and nothing like this (which I would’ve likely expected closer to $5). Being so big on quests, I’m just… I guess disappointed is the best I can do right now.

Regardless, I’ll talk more about this later– let’s focus on all the new stuff the update has brought. I felt so incredibly scatter-brained working through the update and while my recording ends at about 5 and a half hours, I played for over 12 hours total. As per usual with the recordings, I try to cut out most of the more grindy parts– nobody needs to see me spend like an hour giving out flowers.

As a final note before we get started, there will be spoilers for the big story quest and Potato Mystery stuff. I will note the big story spoilers.

Anyway, the first thing I ended up doing after the initial cutscene upon loading up was check the mailbox as I saw the notification. To be honest, even though they said the Teapot would be given out when Update 5 releases, somehow it still surprised me.

I also tried making Dream Fizz again and I am VERY happy that it’s no longer bugged. There was also another new recipe– Peppermint Tea. I would’ve preferred any other kind of tea, but I’ll take it.

The next thing I checked was the Premium Shop. To my surprise, the Turning Red items were already there so I ended up picking up that package and quickly put some items to use.

This is also when I noticed the price of WALL-E’s Dream Bundle and just… like I said, I can’t get over the price. Especially when you consider it’s half the cost of the cheapest Founder’s Pack (which I think is also on sale right now too??) and it genuinely blows my mind. Thankfully, it seems they are listing to feedback and if they do lower the price, I’m sure people who bought it will be refunded. I DID end up getting it because the only thing I love nearly as much as pets is story content– side quests included.

The Bundle features three new quests which get you a total of 5 new clothing items, a new costume for WALL-E, and a new furniture item. The questline is cute and I do like the dress and the boot plant, but other than that… If it wasn’t for the price, I’d have no regrets, but it’s hard to justify that.

While I normally try to focus on the story stuff first, I couldn’t help but get caught up on the Potato Mystery situation pretty quickly when I stumbled upon some Purple Books…

Plus, a mysterious Bottle we could fish up and open for a small piece of a green gem.

The Purple Books ended up leading to the Purple Potato. Essentially, you answered the portal using the Words you’d find in the books and then you would be given the Purple Potato at the end.

The Purple Potion was just crafted at the Crafting Table. Nothing needed besides the Potato and a vial.

Meanwhile, while suffering trying to fish up bottles on Dazzle Beach, I ended up stumbling upon a book which ended up being a whole other WALL-E Questline.

The Quest had you reading the book to a plant, but pages were missing so you needed to find them which… I am not super fond of any quest objectives where it’s find *insert number above 1 here* of quest specific items because I always worry about some spawn issue whether it be not being able to spawn or literally spawning under something. The Bottles were a huge issue because I put waterlilies most places, so I essentially had to throw my fishing rod around blindly.

Finding things for WALL-E’s quests ended up being kind of stressful due to this because I had no idea if things may spawn under something I have placed and the Meadow especially has very limited room.

In the middle of everything with WALL-E, I ended up going to start the Forgotten Lands Questline. SPOILER WARNING AHEAD. I will mention when I’m done with the biggest spoilers.

Even though I kind of knew where the story was going from the “dark” Diary Entries (nothing like feeling everyone hates you and will betray you at any moment, that everyone is always lying to you, and the constant feeling of being left out), it still hit pretty close to home. That said, I hope some of those memories were more metaphorically than completely factual because while the Flowers were one thing (I personally didn’t find them that ugly), the literally ruining Goofy’s shrimp with rotten food felt so mean?? That could make him really sick. No matter how sad you feel, why would you do something that would very clearly directly harm someone?

They do try to say the Character is a Child in a sense when this happens (though, a very tall Child then), but I don’t know, I can’t think of my moral compass being that thrown into disarray no matter how sad I feel. The outright crushing flowers and growing something, you know is bad also felt too far. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but it made me just feel extra sad on top of everything else.

One thing I do find interesting is they state that the Forgotten is a “leftover piece of us” rather than like… actually us as a kid. Like some fragment of us continued to live in the valley even after we left and the loneliness corrupted them to some degree. I just figured we ended up shutting down and closing everyone out and those memories were the Forgotten, but instead it’s more like… a piece of our subconscious I guess.

Unfortunately, that was the end of the questline for today and it can not be continued until tomorrow which I… really just hate when that happens. In general, the cut-off here feels unnatural (there’s an emergency and creepy music close to certain locations now– it’s not the time for a break, guys), but considering the Potato Mystery also ends up getting tied to a little bonus in the next part, it just kind of stinks to be behind on that.

I’m very much in the camp of “Let people make their own schedule”– if someone wants to blow through a quest all in one day, it’s fine– there’s plenty of people who like to take it slow.


Regardless, since I couldn’t continue with the story, I put my focus back into the Potatoes. I still had to finish the Green Potato stuff and after a lot of suffering for all 16 Emerald Slivers, I was finally able to craft a Jade Crystal. Meanwhile, in the hidden room from Simba’s quest in the mines, you could interact with the Crystal Ball to get some Green Seeds. Planting those seeds in the Forgotten Lands grew into the Green Potato. And then back at the Crafting station, you could combine the Jade Crystal and Green Potato to make the Green Potion.

And with all 6 Potions made, you can make the Rainbow Potion!!

As for what it’s used for… Well, apparently I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to experience it for myself :| But if you’re dying to know, everything is in our Potato Guide!

With all this done, it was time to work on the Fairy Godmother’s Friendship questline. Her items are genuinely really pretty.

I also noticed we actually were given a Parasol. While it’s not really my color, I’m glad we do have one and they aren’t truly Premium only… but I’m sure better designs will be.

Unfortunately, both Fairy Godmother’s and WALL-E’s questlines ended up with a Timelock at one point and I wouldn’t be able to continue either until late afternoon/evening. -_-

During this time, I started actually putting work into the Star Path which… let’s just say I’m pretty frustrated with. There’s been a lot more annoying tasks on it this time around, but I also ran into a glitch that reset several of my tasks that require an extra day to even complete and just… as someone who really does not care for Mission Pass systems and hates repeating quests, I’m genuinely so frustrated. As per usual though, I did get the new Pet first.

I ended up doing a bit more decorating with some of the new stuff. Though, unsurprisingly, I had no luck with Scrooge’s shop.

One thing I ended up noticing is you could now make Ariel’s Crafting Table! But… for some reason, it destroys the pathing??

So, remembering we could customize furniture, I was like… Maybe I can put a rug under it?? The good news is, that was absolutely a good idea. The bad news is, THE RUG IS HUGE.

I kind of wish I could at least have the whole area set then, but it’s too big to be able to put more of it… Maybe there will be a smaller version at some point.

But the ridiculous size did give me an idea– an answer for our lack of Wood Path through the use of a “Wooden Carpet”. I think they look pretty nice.

I also ended up customizing one of the Beach Blankets, but you can’t put any customization on the Umbrella and none of the patterns match the other ones so… That kind of stinks. I think it looks cute otherwise though.

Speaking of pathing though, the borders seem partially bugged right now? But honestly, I don’t have the patience to remake hundreds of a path in border form just to add them to my existing path. Placing the paths initially was exhausting enough.

I was finally able to finish up Fairy Godmother’s Friendship Quests and in addition to actually getting the decorated version of the Gazebo, the pretty table, and her final Friendship Gift– the Pumpkin Coach!

Finishing up her questline also ended up with calling me out very badly… As I played while stressed all day.

For WALL-E’s quest, it eventually ended with having to set up a Dance Party. I don’t care for the hat, but I like the dress and I think the Dance area came out pretty cute, though, I don’t know if I’ll keep it up (or there if I do keep it up).

I did end up adding the mannequins to the Sewing Room as planned. I think they look nice.

The final things I ended up doing were a few additions to the Bedroom (with a customized couch).

And a little bit of pathing to the Forgotten Lands. With the fire gone, it’s definitely easier to work with, but I still don’t feel too inspired when it seems like nothing I do brightens it up any….

Anyway, as this has gotten pretty long, I’ll make a new post tomorrow with Day 2 of the Forgotten Lands quests, the use of the Rainbow Potion, and any other things that end up coming up. It seems like there’s still a lot of hidden quests so I’m curious how it’ll all unfold…