Disney Dreamlight Valley – Finishing up the Forgotten Lands Story

I still really don’t like when things are split up, but at least we should be able to do the rest today so before anything else, that was definitely my focus. In general, after the Star Path glitch I had, my motivation with it is even lower than usual X-x Having several tasks requiring an extra day now, when I already successfully did them, it just really disheartening.

I don’t really consider myself an impatient person, but I can be impatient when it feels impractical. I don’t time travel at all. I play things like Animal Crossing perfectly fine. I have no problem waiting for a new update to continue the story– it’s just when existing content is walled to just make you wait, especially when the story itself causes a sense of urgency, that it really ends up bugging me.

Like if the only reason this content is walled is clearly to drag things out, then maybe it shouldn’t be walled. One of my biggest issues with DDLV is that you’re often going off nothing. What I mean by that is you won’t see anything in the quest log, but you may see a “Keep Playing to unlock more missions” when talking to Characters and it’s like… Is there something that spawns for me to pick up? Is it just time-based? Is it part of an upcoming quest? (Is it a future event-related? I hate not knowing and I get some people enjoy the surprise, but I just feel anxious I missed something and I think that makes the waiting period even more frustrating because I don’t know. I don’t know if something will update at rollover or the next day– everything is inconsistent and yet offers the exact same message and it makes it so I don’t know if I am missing something or not.

Either way, after a full 24 hours, the next part popped (and most of those “Keep playing to unlock” ended up being objectives in this) and it was time to continue! And I was not prepared for the amount of emotions I’d have. Unsurprisingly, THIS IS VERY SPOILER HEAVY. If you do not want to be spoiled, do not continue! Beyond some decorating towards the very end, this will be very spoiler filled.

We started with Mickey’s house and found a very interesting book.

We then had to find the other Relics– a Shovel and Pail in the cave Ursula was originally in, a Blanket in the cave we found Olaf in, and a drawing of Scar in his cave.

With everything, we were able to open the Portal to make our way to the Forgotten’s Castle.

Of course, one of the most important things in the Castle for me was this little Stone Fox… Using the Rainbow Potion on it gets you a Rainbow Fox pet! While I don’t know if it is my #1 favorite or not, between the whole Potato mystery to even get it and the lovely pastel rainbowness, it’s certainly up there.

If you’re worried about where it is, you can’t have a Pet on in the Castle, but it will be in your Companion inventory as soon as you get back in the Valley!

It was then time to head through the Door and I do kind of wonder how the conversation would’ve went if I wore the actual Thorn Wings and Crown instead. I found the Paper ones cuter though, but did end up changing after incase maybe a similar situation came up again (it did not).

I genuinely REALLY enjoyed the Puzzles in the Castle. I would love more stuff like this.

Of course, it definitely seems like there’s still some other secrets in the Castle…

It was then time for the confrontation. And while there wasn’t an actual fight, I honestly thought there might be for a second.

We then had quite an emotional trip through our memories. I also hope the Teddy Bear on our bed becomes an actual item we can have.

And after that emotional heart to heart, we worked together to stop the spell.

And then it was time to return to the Valley… Together this time.

I adored the group photo at the end. I am curious if more or less characters could be there depending on who you unlocked as not everyone has main story relevance and there’s still so many characters to come.

With our reconciliation, the Forgotten gave us back the orb. But when checking back in the Castle in case of missing anything… Well…

It was then time to put the Orbs back, and while nothing special happened after returning the Orb of Remembrance, the Orb of Unity over by Skull Rock had a bit of a different reaction.

Glowing symbols appeared around it, matching the colors and look of the various different Orbs… which meant I had to move the Orbs I had so nicely placed previously.

I think what killed me the most though, besides moving the ones in front of my house, was that their sizes made it so some things had to be full on removed in order to fit them. I kind of wish the island was bigger. Putting everything together caused SOMETHING to happen in the Skull Cave… but we still can’t go in yet. Maybe in the second part of the Summer update?

While I moved my three favorite orbs back to their place in the Meadow, I did end up displaying the other 5 together on the island while putting back some of the stuff I had to move. I think it looks nice.

And the thorns around the Castle cleared up too.

Of course, it definitely seems there is very much more to come. Besides this interesting moment at the end of the Credits…

I have to say, considering we haven’t really seen anything Aladdin-themed, I was very surprised to see Jafar of all people.

Merlin also had A LOT of interesting things to say as we finished off the quests and even with a conversation with him after. It really feels like there is just tons to come and I’m excited for it (I just hope if any are paid DLC, they’ll be priced better than WALL-E’s Dream Bundle…).

And with that… We are done with the heavy spoilers part of this post!

I’ve been continuing my Star Path tasks, but I don’t know if I’m just doing an awful job or there’s A LOT more this time around. I noticed Fairy Godmother seemed to need a lot more to get to level 10 friendship so maybe it’s a similar change? I don’t really like how much longer it feels and have genuinely disliked a lot of the tasks. Of course, the progress reset didn’t help and I hit a wall where all of my tasks require waiting at least one more day.

While I couldn’t continue with that, I did end up doing some decorating. Still not entirely sure what I want to do in the other area, but this works for now.

I may still adjust some things as I’m not sure I’m 100% happy with it just yet, but I think it’s kind of nice.