Disney Dreamlight Valley – A Month+ in Review and the Cozy Edition!

In general, things have been kind of quiet on the DDLV front. We know Belle is coming (which I am very excited about– of the characters we were sure were coming, Belle and Rapunzel have been at the top of my list) and that the Beauty and the Beast realm will be coming with her, but other than that, the only other news has really been the brand new Cozy Edition of the game:

I’ll be honest, I’m pretty tempted by it– besides my need for all pets (Even if I still have yet to see Inside Out, I can see the inspiration for the Raccoon looks), I do like the Cottage and it would give me some more decor for my Forest of Valor which has been fairly lacking– I wouldn’t use it over my current house though. I like the stickers and posters too, but despite my interest, I do still wish things could stop being exclusive. Just make it a DLC pack for everyone :(

As a note, as I’ve seen this pop up a lot– this does not mean the game is no longer Free-to-Play— you’re essentially paying for the extras just like you’d pay for a Founder’s Pack. It’s simply a collectible thing.

Regardless, seeing the release date makes me think that maybe the “full release” of the game will be late October then and not the year anniversary in September as a lot of players have been expecting. It’s crazy to think the update could be out within about two weeks, but also that Belle, who had been one of the characters in the very first teasers, is only finally releasing now.

Either way, I’m super excited to experience the Beauty and the Beast Realm. I genuinely really love the Realms and hope more gets expanded with them.

Moving on, I haven’t really been doing too much in my own Valley besides checking Scrooge’s Shop and doing the Dream Snap challenges. I find I often think of better ideas after a challenge ends which… doesn’t help, but I think I’ve been doing okay. A big thank you to everyone who has voted for me. T~T

I had been worried about it for various reasons, but it seems most of those worries have been unfounded. The clothing in chests aren’t exclusive to the DreamSnaps, the trophy is just gotten from leveling up your DreamSnaps experience, the experience itself is very similar regardless of where you place, and it’s genuinely a good source of Moonstones, even at lower places. Even the leveling up gives some moonstones as well and they’re fairly large amounts too.

That said, you can only get 50 a week from Voting which isn’t very much. If you don’t want to (or can’t) participate, the voting aspect is pretty paltry. I’m kind of surprised it’s not a daily thing (or even multiple times a week), but I do think this may be the most friendly competition thing I’ve seen in a long time and it’s genuinely pretty nice and refreshing. There’s always going to be some bad eggs, but for the most part, it just seems like people have been trying their best.

I would say my biggest issue is that it is super finnicky with detecting Tool of Magic stuff. I’ve had stuff get flagged even if they are nowhere in the shot in any way and sometimes I can’t even find what it is detecting. It’s super weird. The only other issue I’ve had is sometimes it’s really hard to get a full view of certain areas and one specific part doesn’t do it much good.

Since my last update, these have been all my entries currently including the one I submitted for this week:

It’ll forever haunt me that I didn’t take the Earth/Air picture at my giant little pet sanctuary:

Maybe when there’s another chance in the future…

I still need to work on re-tiling the Plaza. I just… am still a bit too overwhelmed by how much I need to redo to really start working on it just yet. I’m sure I’ll get to it eventually. Hopefully. I should at least try and get it done before the next big update. If I do, I’ll edit this post with the overhaul.

In general though, I think I just feel a bit uninspired with decorating right now. A combination of missing items I still really want and not being the best with landscaping.