Disney Dreamlight Valley – The Update is Upon Us

While I did expect to see a trailer or something, I kind of expected the update would be out tomorrow if not last Wednesday. As per usual, I want to talk about some last-minute stuff I’ve been up to along with the patch notes themselves.

Before we get to update stuff, I wanted to talk about my own current adventures lately. As per usual, I’ve been continuing with DreamSnap stuff. I was also really excited about the items included with the last results as they were actually all furniture I needed this time:

I actually ended up putting down all the items.

What I’ve been doing otherwise is slowly replacing some paths. I haven’t decided if I want to replace EVERY path or not yet, but I did replace everything in the Plaza now and some areas of the Meadow. I also added this little sitting area behind my house:

It’s hard to prepare too much in advance for future stuff now. I might do more pathing adjustments as I did MAKE more paths just incase I decided to, but I’m not sure yet. Guess I may work on that tonight.

With that out of the way, let’s talk about the patch notes!

I’ve been so excited for Belle to finally be added and the previews of the upcoming Realm already look super great so that is easily the thing I’m most excited about.

I’m also excited for the new quests with the Forgotten. I’m hoping maybe we can do something with the Treehouse or that area in general. I would say my only concern here is that they specifically outline “over the course of the update” which makes it sound like it’ll require a specific number of days in-between steps similar to how both unlocking Stitch and Buzz’s Alien quests worked which… aren’t fun?

The padding really isn’t needed, and it always blows my mind because if people want to split parts up into days, they will. I’m hoping I’m wrong, but I guess we’ll see soon enough.

I’m really happy to see ‘pouch exclusive’ items will finally be in Scrooge’s shop. I’ve had terrible luck with them and a lot of the items I’ve really wanted have been from them. Now if only there was a better option for memories besides frustrating RNG.

Also happy for anyone who missed out in the Halloween stuff last year that it’ll be returning, though, considering the announcement now, I guess we won’t really see anything new until November. There’s so much happening in November…

It’s nice to hear about the Crafting Productivity adjustments as well, but at the same time I literally just finished making so many paths and fences… My timing is so bad.

With the positive stuff out of the way though, now I have to talk about the negative side of things.

Get ready to stretch those legs! The optional Ursula’s Transformation Dream Bundle arrives in the Premium Shop, introducing a new Dream Style for Ursula that transforms her into her human form, and serves up exclusive quests, outfits, accessories and furniture.

This is pretty awful. I hope the price is at least better than WALL-E’s, but even if it is, Ursula’s transformation should not be tied to a Dream Bundle. I would assume this also means that she can be hung out with then as well and while Ursula isn’t really a character I care for, considering the way hanging out works and how many characters you can plus this genuinely making more options to get her friendship up if you haven’t maxed it yet, this feels awful to lock behind a premium bundle.

Do we have better ways to earn Star Coins now with DreamSnaps? Sure. Is there a chance the price is better than WALL-E’s? Yes. (Though, I feel it may be unlikely as why not just lower WALL-E’s and refund people then? I’m thinking it could unfortunately still be the same price)

But it just feels like too much of a gameplay feature to literally have that transformation locked behind a paywall, even if you can earn the currency in-game. At least the bundle is permanent? It just doesn’t feel right to me though.

The other thing that is kind of bumming me out is:

More optional items are coming to the Premium Shop for a limited time that are bound to fit your seasonal vibe, including an iconic hill, some Disneyland staples, and much more!

Even ignoring my usual point that games like this where customization is such a big part of it that locking items behind a premium shop, especially a weekly rotating one with limited selection, feels pretty frustrating, I just… You’re literally referring to items as iconic and staples and then saying how they’re just optional. People aren’t going to feel like they’re optional like that. Some of these items are likely ones people have been requesting for a long time.

For the most part, I would say I’m still excited for the update, but I am very nervous about upcoming Premium Shop stuff at this point. It really feels like any kind of positive ends up following up with a steep dive off a cliff sometimes and it makes me sad.