Disney Dreamlight Valley – Belle is finally here!!

If you prefer videos, you can watch my playthrough of everything I mention here over on Youtube!

Today is going to be quite the packed day, but I’m so happy I’ll finally be able to have Belle in my Valley. To start, I did end up going over the Meadow with more paths last night:

I think the main difference for me is the rounded corners and here those just add a lot more than the sharp edges. Other places still look better with natural pathing. I may consider changing things up in Frosted Heights and maybe also the Forgotten Lands, but I think the natural look may be nicer more or less everywhere else. Or maybe at least parts of Sunlit Plateau.

Regardless, it is officially update day! Which also meant I was overwhelmed by many things. As much as I wanted to start everything with Beauty and the Beast first, I had hoped to focus on the Forgotten stuff to begin with incase of any gating.

Ursula’s quest I’d save for last, but hopefully I can get through things pretty quickly as I remember WALL-E’s quest having some specific times required and we have a lot to do today between the Beauty and the Beast realm, new friendship quests, the Forgotten, and Ursula’s whole thing.

That said, if you already have played today, you’d know that wasn’t actually possible as the Forgotten’s Quest won’t unlock until September 20th, 2023 at the earliest– it unlocks a week after you’ve finished the main story questline or if you finished it before this update, a week after the update launches… thus, not until the 20th. I expected some timegating, but not to even start it :(

With such a busy week ahead, I’m pretty bummed. It’s going to be hard balancing everything. I did check out some new stuff as well and did end up grabbing one thing I couldn’t resist from the Premium Shop… I’m sad the house isn’t actually usable though.

Regardless, with that plan unable to be started, it was time to get to the Beauty and the Beast realm.

The Castle was honestly so pretty. I adored it so much.

I wish my house could have this fancy kind of layout…

Unsurprisingly, Belle was found in the library. Oh, to have a giant library and a fireplace…

The entire questline was really fun and I loved the whole secret passage and figuring out riddles and stuff. I won’t spoil everything, but here are some nice screenshots:

And if you’re struggling with finding the pieces of the key: Dig up a hole in the garden, water the fireplace (shown above), and break the Lion with a pickaxe to get all the pieces. I felt awful doing that last one though and putting out the fire…

Belle moved into the Valley first, but it didn’t take long for Beast to arrive at all.

I will say the inside of their castle is kind of a let-down though. After seeing the Realm, I really expected something more grand… Or at least more than one room? Even Prince Eric’s castle is bigger…

Unsurprisingly, I had to move things around to make room for the castle, but I think it worked out more or less.

It was then time for the friendship grind and I started with Belle’s questline. Firstly, I have to say how much I love some of the new items. I haven’t quite figured out a place yet for where to put the new columns, but I did try and force this adorable reading nook somewhere:

I wish I had a reading nook…

I loved Belle’s questline a lot. There were a lot of neat mystery-esque stuff and knowing we essentially had our own mystery group together warmed my heart.

If you’re struggling with the Translation Machine answers, it’s:
-During Chapter 3
-A Clock

Similarly, the symbols you can find for the chest– one is literally right next to the chest when at Ariel’s island, one is by the door in Frosted Heights, one in on a rock near the lake in Glade of Trust, and one is on a rock near the crystals in Forgotten Lands.

You can find these even if it isn’t night– just I’m guessing they glow at night which probably helps them stand out more.

In alignment with the mystery theme, the Star Path tasks are actually riddles in and of itself too which is interesting. I’ve found them pretty simple, but I’ve seen so many people asking that I’m not sure if this was really the right way to go about it. For those who need some help:
-Uproot the Forgetting = Remove Nightthorns
-Break some rocks = Mine the mining spots/rocks
-Spend time with some Classic Friends = Hang out with anyone from the Mickey & Friends group in Collection
-Better to give than receive = Give gifts
-Build Stuff = Craft items
-Goofy’s Favorite Pasttime = Fishing
-Pick the fruits that put Snow White to sleep = Apples
-Cook meals that would never make the cut at Chez Remy = Cook 1 Star Meals (which are served there so uh– this feels poorly done considering the star ranks are by ingredients, not meal quality)
-Make small talk = Daily Discussions
-Stuff your face with second-class meals = Eat 2 or higher star meals
-Very valuable rocks = Mine gems
-Sorcerer’s Apprentice = Mickey
-Impress a Wizard with something he loves = Give Merlin his favorite gifts
-Work a shift at the Restaurant/Serve up some delicious orders = Serve meals at Remy’s restaurant
-Catch a rainbow-y fish = Catch Rainbow Trout
-Pick red flowers that grow only in the Peaceful Meadow – Red Daisies
-Bond with your animal companions – Pet whatever Critter you have equipped
-A very speedy princess = Vanellope
-Engage in Scrooge McDuck’s Favorite Hobby, Increase your coin “collection”, Add to your Riches – Make Star Coins
-Lime-green Gem = Peridot
-Legendary Village of the Wind and Sea = Maui
-Exceptionally Unexceptional Villager = Mirabel
-Fish popular in Arendelle = Herring
-Villager that says “WAKKK” = Donald
-Villager who is the best dealmaker = Ursula
-Fish’s name that rhymes with Dream = Bream
-Finest Lute Player = Kristoff
-Perfectly Mediocre Meals = 3 Star Meals
-Olaf’s nose = Carrots
-Ice Queen = Elsa
-Blue stones with a watery name = Aquamarine
-Villainous side = Scar, Mother Gothel, Ursula, etc.
-Sea Witch = Ursula
-ALMOST perfect meal = 4 Star Meal
-Fish’s name that rhymes with Harp = Carp
-Shoreline Shellfish = Scallops, Mussels, and Clams (any you get from picking up on the Beach)
-Iron-rich leafy green = Spinach
-Woman from the Willow = Mother Gothel
-Cross some items off your regal to-do list = Dreamlight Duties
-Pint-sized Sheriff = Woody
-Grouchy Lion = Scar
-Fish for something with claws = Lobster
-Harvest something sweet = Sugarcane
-Gather what’s needed for Anna’s favorite treat (Chocolate) = Cocoa Beans
-Pint-sized Space Ranger = Buzz
-Special crystals underground = Vitalys Crystals
-Tiny chef = Remy
-Potion to boost your mining ability = Miracle Pickaxe Polish (you can do either one). If you don’t have this at your crafting bench, you need to finish more or Merlin’s quests and the story.
-Fish for something small in size and name = Shrimp
-Finest Chef Creations = 5 Star Meals
-A Very Hairy Prince = The Beast
-King of the Jungle = Simba
-Mine something shiny and green = Shiny Emeralds
-White Fish in a Chilly Biome = White Sturgeon
-Pick some blooms the color of a Citrus Fruit = Pick yellow or orange flowers
-Do some VERY fine dining = Eat 5 Star Meals
-Book-loving beauty = Belle
I’ve only listed tasks I’ve seen people ask about– if you’re curious about one not listed, feel free to ask!

Continuing to switch things up, once I had Belle’s questline done, I decided to work on Ursula’s as I knew it had some timegating as well. I figured while a timegate was happening, I could work on Beast’s.

Honestly, was pretty excited about the necklace. Not sure if I’ll keep it or go back to the one I was wearing before. I guess let me know which you think looks nicer?

Going back and forth between the two went okay as both had some gating in the end. Ursula required 15 minutes and 1 hour at two different points. The Beast’s required waiting until evening (About 6PM Local time) in which you need to hope it’s not raining at all and then during one of his later quests, you need to wait about an hour? I came back after an hour and he had cooled off, but it may have been less than that. I’m not sure.

I will say I absolutely hated the outfit we had to wear in Ursula’s at one point v-v; But at least it wasn’t for long. I also found Ursula’s questline kind of short (edit: apparently there is more after rollover so I guess we continue) and I hated that there weren’t really other options to empathize with the Beast if you’re also an introvert :/

The final thing was setting up the Greenhouse for the Beast which essentially is a flower gathering thing similar to how WALL-E and Moana’s Garden and Boat work/ At the moment, it seems to be the only way to actually get roses. It has 8 upgrades and costs 360K total to upgrade.

With all that done, it’s time to build up on Roses and wait until I can finally do the Forgotten’s Quest…