Disney Dreamlight Valley – Ursula’s Daily Deals and the Forgotten

It’s officially been a week now since my last DDLV post which means the Forgotten Questline can be continued! But before we do that, I’ll talk a bit more about Ursula’s Dream Bundle. As I mentioned in my last post, it had felt a bit short, but apparently there were daily quests which are… fine I guess. I feel like WALL-E’s was still more interesting, but maybe because I like the character and what you got from it more.

For the most part, the quests were very simple. Goofy’s was the most involved (needing to gather up some seaweed and red algae which I’ve been hoarding materials so wasn’t really any issue for me) while Moana’s required just gathering some coconuts to take to WALL-E, and Donald’s was mostly just chatting and going to a couple of different places and interacting with some things. Anna’s was also another simple one, though, required you to go at some new ice blocks with a pickaxe for ice shards in addition to snowballs.

We also got some nice character development for Ursula which again makes this feel like it shouldn’t be an extra DLC. Silly side stuff is fine, but the whole making her function like the other characters and character development just doesn’t feel optional to me.

The final quest with Olaf was probably my favorite one. The item reward is neat too.

Besides taking care of Ursula’s new quest and checking the shop, I haven’t really been doing much. There were new memories to grab in Donald’s and Elsa’s houses though.

I also finished the Star Path. I may put some items in the Forgotten Lands, but I’m still kind of undecided on how I want to decorate there. Maybe going through the Forgotten’s Quest will help or if we can do more with the treehouse at some point. I did use some of the pirate items near Donald’s Boat though:

And as you can probably guess by this post going up, a week finally passed which meant we had the Forgotten’s Quest! Which… didn’t take particularly long. I don’t know if there is a follow-up to it. There is more brought up about the Skull Cave, but whether we’ll have anything this update or not, I’m not entirely sure. I’m leaning towards no due to how it’s worded, but maybe there will be more to this questline. I guess we’ll just have to see next week (and I’ll edit this if so).

The quest essentially had you helping the Forgotten still find beauty in ‘ordinary’ things. They ask to see “one yellow flower in the Forgotten Lands”, a “really neat bird with dark feathers”, and the “giant skull near Dazzle Beach”. Simple enough– for anyone having issues with the first two, the only yellow flower that grows in the Forgotten Lands is the Yellow Nastrutium and the bird is specifically the Classic Raven which is the completely black one– no other Raven will count.

The Classic Raven is only available Monday, Thursday, and Saturday so if you don’t have it befriended, you may need to wait until a different day to take a photo of it.

Once that’s done, the Forgotten asks for us to make a room for them inside of our house which is… surprising. I really expected the Treehouse to get fixed up or something, but okay. I did my best to make a nice space at least. I have no idea what other rooms to put on the 3rd floor though… I’ll have to see if I get inspired.

Of course, the Forgotten’s Quest didn’t end up being the only thing waiting today. Olaf also had a follow-up quest about the 100 Sticks he asked for from the Fairy Godmother. It was… Something. I kind of wish it was a unique item over 10 Sturdy Chairs, but oh well.

Finally, I ended up working on the latest DreamSnaps. I actually really liked the outfit I made for it so I ended up adding another mannequin to the Sewing Room.

I also ended up getting one of the new bundles in the Premium shop since I like exploration-esque stuff (maybe that could be one of the rooms?) and if I see the word “fountain”, I kind of need it, but… the Fountain is kind of disappointing. You can’t use the stairs on the item so you can barely see beyond the dripping without playing around with the camera.

It’s also huge. I don’t know if I’ll keep it there, but it works for now.