Disney Dreamlight Valley – Finishing Goals before the New Year

While I’ve finished all the story stuff, that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been a lot of other things I hoped to check off my list (or in some cases, continue to hope). One of the things I’ve been working really hard on is decorating some of the other houses I have set up around the Valley since realizing they COULD be decorated and didn’t all just… turn into your house.

I started off with Eric’s Ship.

I also ended up adding a few more things to the Captain’s Room, though, I think the Boat could really use the Grand Doors. I haven’t had much luck in getting new doors :/

With his ship all set, I worked on the house in Frosted Heights next:

At this point, I took a break to work on various other things like adding certain new stuff outside.

I’ve also been continuing with the DreamSnaps stuff, but honestly, it’s been kind of getting frustrating due to a combination of lack of inspiration, but just being pinged about “Tool of Magic” stuff when it’s like… in a lower biome or behind a cliff and not in view at all and having to take a picture from an angle that genuinely isn’t as nice.

That’s why that last photo, despite being outfit oriented, ended up just being a smaller picture instead. I did really like the outfit though.

Besides the Christmas Train shown above (which was also bigger than I expected), I have been getting some Premium Shop stuff occasionally. The wings are a bit too translucent, but I really like the Deer.

I’ve also been continuing to add new stuff as I unlock and find more things. I’m unfortunately still one Fragment item short which is frustrating– I have no idea how they show up or work exactly (it seems different per player), but I have yet to see the Lute Parts or whatever it is, and I’m frustrated as I would’ve liked to have finished it before the end of the year. Here’s hoping they show up soon.

I also finally got one of the Shower Stalls in a nicer color, but still really hoping I eventually get the pink one.

While I didn’t manage my fragment goal, I at least did get all the new Critters.

I’m still completely undecided what I may move to Eternity Isle or not. Maybe I’ll figure it out eventually.

Moving on, there was also presents under the Christmas Tree in the Castle again which was nice. The new item this year was this mask– it’s not really my thing, but it is pretty:

And I ended up getting one more house decorated– the Haunted Mansion in Forgotten Lands. I kind of want to add more goofy Halloween-y and Autumn stuff in the left room, but it’s just kind of lacking a bit right now. I also realized I forgot the Purple Trick or Treat bucket so I’ll have to add that later. I had wanted to use the Old Fireplace here, but apparently they made it so you can’t buy more for some reason so that kind of stinks.

Thinking about it, there’s a few other items I may want to try and add… I need to get more stuff from Scrooge though.

I still have no ideas at all for the two more garden-y houses I have in the Glade of Trust which I guess fits as I have no inspiration at all for the Glade of Trust. Maybe I’ll get some eventually or could do some plant focused rooms for one of them?? It’d feel boring to do that kind of thing for both. Hopefully I can come up with some ideas eventually.