Disney Dreamlight Valley – An interlude before the Spring Updates appear

If you are subscribed to my Youtube you’ve likely already seen the various videos to have an idea of what to expect from this post, but if not, the short version is I’ve been working on more decorating to say the least.

Firstly, I started re-adjusting things over in the Forest of Valor along with decorating some of the buildings I set up last time.

Unfortunately, doing each of the Rooms in each place didn’t entirely work out how I hoped. The interiors would maybe not be the right size (in the sense of needing to be bigger in some areas), some items I had hoped to use ended up being exterior only items, and sometimes I just didn’t really have what I had hoped. I did my best regardless though.

I also couldn’t help but feel inspired with the new items and immediately needed to put a Small Fountain in my Character’s bedroom.

Of course, things got complicated when not only was the Star Path somehow filled with multiple things I really adored, the Premium Shop also ended up grabbing my attention. For one, we had these cute birds and adorable backpack.

But the big thing, which you may have even seen briefly is above, THE PINK HEART CASTLE!! I had to make a few adjustments, but it was worth it.

Of course, when you start overhauling an area, you can’t help but want to do more of the area and that is why I finally started decorating a bit on the Isle of Eternity– mostly just Ancient’s Landing for the moment though.

Before we get more into that though, I wanted to talk about the last thing that ended up being in the Premium Shop– Anna’s original outfit from the first Frozen movie.

I always have mixed feelings on these types of things. It’s one thing if an outfit is from a short moment in a movie or made for a silly event and may not even be tied to anything really, but this is Anna’s main outfit for the majority of the film and, at least to me, her best outfit. This is such an intricate part that having it be available through the Premium Shop feels kind of obnoxious.

Going back to decorating, I worked really hard on shuffling things around over in the Meadow:

And then it was time for lots of adjustments all over Ancient’s Landing.

I’m not really 100% happy with everything just yet. I think there’s a lot more I can do with the ‘shop’ area and ‘neighborhood’ and am just kind of lacking any ideas/inspiration on how to best approach it just yet. The Critter Area and my Home Area I’m mostly pretty happy with at least.

And of course, I had to place the new fountain as well. The new house is also quite pretty, though, I haven’t decided just what to do with it yet…

Besides the decorating, the only other thing I’ve really been working on is with Memories. Unfortunately, I’ve been rather demotivated again despite being so close to being done. It’s just not a fun grind and the RNG is rough, especially when you keep getting colors of everything except the one you need.

Finally, here is another Dream Snaps Photo Overview of my entries since my last post: