For those who were asking about my Star Citizen tweet yesterday :P

So, yesterday was Citizen Con–a convention day for Star Citizen’s anniversary. The game started with a kickstarter before the main website going into a full crowdfunding to make . I’m not going to go into full details (I’ll leave that to Zero Reviews, but I still want to talk a little bit about it. The short condensed version is it’s a Flight Sim–it’s a lot more than that, but that’s one of the big inspirations for it. It’s going to be a full space MMO and having enjoyed SWTOR a lot and liking Space, I was intrigued. Especially as exploration would be a big part of it (and the new star map says plenty) and exploring and collections are my thing. You can even check out a video of my hangar showing a bunch of the things that I’ve already gotten from the various Voyager Direct, Subscriber, and Milestone things

I also have my own organization–S.E.A.C. (Pronounced Seek, stands for “Society of Exploration, Acquisition, and Collection). It doesn’t have many members yet (and probably won’t until the game is out), but I’m pretty excited to get things started with it.
If you already are on Star Citizen, please consider joining? >>

But yes, one of the things announced yesterday was a Referral Program… and I’ll be honest, I hate referral programs in general, but even more so for ones that start a good amount of time after registrations have been opened as usually that means that people who could get someone to refer them already have and/or anyone who would purchase a game package already has.

I’m not very good at finding people to refer–it’s hard enough for me to get friends to click a link where they don’t even have to do anything else, let alone find people who would join and purchase a game package (Which is ~$35–comes with the Squadron 42 game and a ship for Star Citizen).

To make matters worse, I really love all the rewards for referrals and I need 10 referrals (who also buy game packages) to get them all. And while all referrals count, only the ones that buy a game package (this is the cheapest one) count towards the rewards :(

But yes, any referrals, even if you don’t buy a game package are helpful so if you have any interest in the game at all and would like to refer me (and maybe join my organization too), please click here to do so!

My referral code by itself is: STAR-GNDP-P92H

I definitely recommend looking up videos and things of the game over my awful explanations :P

Also, they did this and that should be a win in anyone’s book:

(Skip ahead to 36:13. Though, if you’re interested in the game, I’d recommend looking into all of these!)