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April 21, 2016

Miitomo’s Splatoon Campaign & Upcoming site things

So, Miitomo has done it’s first special campaign for items from Splatoon. While most people seem to have already stopped playing Miitomo, I’ve actually still been enjoying it. Even if I’ve run out of questions, again. But I’m at least still unlocking neat new Miifoto backgrounds: I wonder how many there are? For those who […]

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October 11, 2015

For those who were asking about my Star Citizen tweet yesterday :P

So, yesterday was Citizen Con–a convention day for Star Citizen’s anniversary. The game started with a kickstarter before the main website going into a full crowdfunding to make . I’m not going to go into full details (I’ll leave that to Zero Reviews, but I still want to talk a little bit about it. The […]

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April 3, 2014


Lately, there’s been a lot of discussion (even more so than usual) about when/if Phantasy Star Online 2 will ever be released in North America. The game had a playable English demo at PAX 2012 and was scheduled for “early 2013″… and well, now it’s 2014. And Malaysia is getting an English version very soon […]

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