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On Fire Emblem Fates

I spoke a lot about how I didn’t want to play Fates and why, but a lot of people had asked and considering the fact that there is an easier difficulty, I figured I’d give it a shot. I’m very happy Revelation won the poll (Yes, the Special Edition was bought as while I may not have wanted to play, my husband still did) as I really didn’t want to do either of the other two paths the more I heard about them.

I’m at Chapter 11 or so now so a little under halfway. I believe you get nearly all Units by Chapter 17 (minus kids, characters that come through My Castle, & paralogue/captureable characters) so I’m hoping I can get that far before full out grinding levels and supports.

While I do feel at least part of my issues with how siding with Hoshido is even a full option (as you do get some time there), I still feel there’s a lot of it that stretches the imagination. I also still wish you could save everyone :( But yes, for those who’d like to keep up with Fire Emblem Fates stuff or visit my Castle… Here is the Address for My Castle:

And I officially have a page on here for some quick summary stuff as well if interested.


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