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Miitomo finally released outside Japan! (Officially, anyway)

I’ve already spent most of my day enjoying the game and it’s really cute. Answering questions is fun and I love all the outfit customization. One of my favorite things is that every single item is separate–if you don’t like a full outfit, you don’t have to get the full outfit. You can get just the top or shoes or socks or whatever part you like and that is so nice and refreshing. It’s definitely something I’d want in the next Tomodachi Life game. Speaking of Tomodachi Life, the personality you can get is the same as in that game–you can even use the QR code from Tomodachi Life to already have your voice and personality set. Sadly, whether you do it through Tomodachi Life or Mii Maker (or Miitomo’s Mii Creator itself), you’ll have a very simple outfit:
While it’s not bad, I’m used to the usual default Mii outfit and was surprised to see this outfit instead–especially as it isn’t even in your Mii’s favorite color. The room, however, is very similar to the starting room you’d get in Tomodachi Life (just less empty) with the same personality. You’ll also notice my Mii’s hair is a bit darker–I generally try to use the darker one when it looks more Dark Brown than black, but it varies on what games that tends to happen.

Going back to the room, I really wish there were other interiors. I’m not really thrilled about being stuck in a purple room, though, I like it more than some of the others I’ve seen. The game really seems to excel in the outfits and Miifoto’s though between the various options for both. Many (if not all) clothing from Tomodachi Life has returned with plenty of new ones and being able to mix and match the parts brings so many new options. I do wish accessories were split up a bit more (or at least was more than one only)–there is no reason I shouldn’t be able to wear a necklace and a cute cat. Or a necklace and a scarf. Or even all three. And while maybe you can argue the necklace/scarf (at least if the necklace was a choker), there are brooches too.

I will say there really aren’t enough ways to earn coins though. You will run out of My Nintendo Missions very quickly and you only get coins for so many comments and question answering a day–this means you really don’t have any reason to play Miitomo longer which feels like a big oversight. I’ve answered over 100 questions now (I just… like answering questions), but haven’t gotten coins for more than 90% of them. Besides spending money in the shop, chances are you’ll spend a lot of money in Miitomo Drop:
Your goal is to land on the platform with the item you want. If you succeed (and don’t fall off), you get to pick the item (and which color you want where applicable). If you have already earned the item, you have the choice of getting it again or getting 5 pieces of Candy.

So far, the only point I’ve found for candy is to see a friend’s answer to something before your Mii or their Mii tells you. It doesn’t feel worth it and the candy seems just like a really big waste. I also am curious to why they’d even let you grab an item again when there is no way to gift or trade items with people. I’m really hoping this could be a feature that comes out though.

As it is, while we got the first Week gifts right now, we did in fact miss one set of Miitomo Drop items (and if I downloaded the game sooner, I could have connected it to My Nintendo now and then not missed out at all):
I did notice one of the items in the store which makes me wonder if all Miitomo Drop items can eventually be found in the shop or if it’s just because we missed them. I do hope all the items come back–I haven’t been able to find all colors each item was available, but I know I at least want this one:

I’ve managed to earn most of the Miitomo items I want and at least all the ones I really wanted. The ones left I’m mostly debating back and forth on (Tulip Hat (Pink), Tiny Kitty Cap (White, Brown, Black, Orange), Cat Hood w/ muffler (White), Hoodie w/ wraparound Kitty (White)). While I don’t know how many entries I will make on Miitomo (not as much happens as in Tomodachi Life), you can at least keep up with any photos I take by checking out the Diary page for the game.

I wish there was a way to view the album online though–all photos are obviously uploaded online, but with no way to view them means I have to share each one to get the URL to save and share and it just gets annoying fast :( Speaking of weird oversights–not being able to add people by Nintendo Network ID/Nintendo Account. Contrary to belief, not everyone uses social media and/or lives near eachother. Many people I know just use IM programs or text messages so this just seems kind of silly to require someone to have Facebook or Twitter to be added if they aren’t close when Nintendo literally has its own account system.


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