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Pokemon GO – Update 3!

So, if you read my twitter, you’ll know I took a poll recently on how often people would like to see updates :) Weekly won, so I decided to post them up every Saturday! This is a collection of what we did each day of the week and I’ll be continuing with this until we get all 151. :)

July 10th

Despite getting up early, we didn’t really end up going anywhere just yet. Regardless, I did get one new Pokemon while sitting around–a Rhyhorn! It was so exciting to see. I was so nervous too as it escaped several of my Pokeballs…

We tried to go out a little later, but it was a bit hotter than expected so we took a bit of a different way towards the close Pokestop. Unfortunately, we only got two Pokemon (Goldeen and Doduo), both of which we’ve gotten before. I did get 3 Pokeballs and a Revive which is nice. Unfortunately, it seems we also keep missing the Lures and the Red Team is definitely a bit more popular around here… I hope the Blue Team can get the gym back soon…

While back at home, both Pokestops near us were constantly getting lures. My timing seems to be awful. On the bright side, my last two eggs hatched! I got a Psyduck and a Mankey.

The night ended with just catching random Doduo (3 of them no less…) and another Oddish from home. It’s too bad we couldn’t get closer to some of the ones we still needed on the nearby

July 11th

The day didn’t start off too great with the Pokemon Trainer Club login servers being down again… Thankfully, this time it was just for maintenance and it came back a few hours later. Once I got in, I even managed to catch a Caterpie finally. I’m glad to have finally gotten one.

Besides that though, we didn’t really catch much until we went out later that evening to the park. I managed to get a few new Pokemon such as Hitmonlee, Bulbasaur, and Sandshrew.

I also finally caught enough Weedle to evolve a Kakuna into Beedrill. We stopped at a lot of Pokestops including one area that had a gym and 3 Pokestops in close proximity–all with lures:

Sadly, most of the Pokemon we got were repeats, though, I was happy for the 2 Eevees and I did get a Sandshrew at least. As for the Pokestops themselves, I ended up with 8 eggs–4 with 2KM and 4 with 5KM. Still have yet to get a 10KM one though. Besides eggs, I got some Pokeballs, Super Potions, Potions, Revives, and Razz Berries.

On our way back though, while trying to stop at a Pokestop midway between Lure Central and the entrance, it wouldn’t load so we decided to restart the app… only it wouldn’t let us log in. In fact, I couldn’t log back in until shortly after getting back. No new Pokemon since, but I did hatch my first egg… for a Zubat :( At least I still need more candy for Golbat I guess… My second egg ended up being a Caterpie :/

July 12th

Today started off with another egg hatching… a Magikarp. While I suppose I technically need to catch 102 Magikarp, this helps lessen how much at least, but I really was hoping to get some new Pokemon (or at least the Machop my husband had gotten that I still need–he has a Jolteon and a Fearow too that I don’t have yet).

Things got a little better when I got a Tauros though! Tauros was actually the last Pokemon I needed when I completed my Pokedex back when I played Blue when I was 9 :)

My next egg ended up being another Caterpie… I was able to evolve one into Metapod now though and I got a medal for hatching 10 eggs:
I really want to get every medal in at least Bronze if not gold versions of them all.

Sadly, the Clefairy never came back and the Tentacool we saw later disappeared as soon as we went out :/ We didn’t end up catching any new Pokemon, but I got another egg and some Pokeballs from the Pokestop nearby (which had a lure that ended just as we got close enough… our timing continues to suck) at least.

We did get an Exeggcute at home though which was nice so there’s one new Pokemon!

Late that night, another of my eggs hatched… A Krabby. I don’t need a Krabby at all. I already have a Kingler :/ This has been some awful egg luck, honestly. To make things worse, a Haunter was in Nearby but it was too late to head back out by myself and thus, I couldn’t go looking for it. This is just so incredibly frustrating and upsetting. ._.

July 13th, 2016

My next two eggs hatched and were also pretty disappointing–a Poliwag and a Bellsprout. I don’t know why my egg luck seems so awful lately. I did get another medal atleast:
And I was able to evolve a Bellsprout into a Weepinbell though. And I hit level 12 so now I finally have Great Balls.

The next egg that hatched was a Goldeen :( I suppose it put me closer to a Seaking, but… Meanwhile, my final egg ended up being a Pidgey which is just so unhelpful :/ What a depressing set of eggs.

Haunter did end up coming back though and I managed to catch it so yay! That was sadly really it for today though.

July 14th, 2016

Mostly just continuing of our catching of whatever shows up (and still nothing new T__T), but I did get another medal!:

We sadly didn’t catch anything new–in fact, nothing new even showed up nearby until it was too late to head out :/ My luck with this is awful. Got another medal though:

July 15th, 2016

Thankfully, today started a bit better with finally catching a Tentacool! This also got me the Silver Badge for getting 50 Pokemon in my Pokedex.

Unfortunately, while things looked promising to actually find new Pokemon today, things quickly went downhill when the Pokemon Trainer Club servers decided to go down again with a new wave of problems. I had been logged in, but accidentally hit to try a different account which caused glitches in a completely different way–everytime I tried to log in, it said my password was wrong. I was able to log into the website fine. I tried resetting my password anyway, still was able to log into the main website, but as soon as I tried to log into Pokemon GO, I once again got the “Your login information is wrong” message and it somehow broke my PC log in too. I don’t know what is going on, but it’s incredibly frustrating. The password thing seems to finally have settled (I’m getting the authentication thing now) thankfully :/ I just hope it fully works soon.

There was a Slowpoke nearby, but it’ll probably be long gone by the time the servers come back :(

As expected, once the servers came back several hours later, it was gone. On the bright side, we ended up going out to dinner tonight and I managed to catch a couple of new Pokemon–Starmie and Golbat! I’m probably still going to be catching Zubat in preparation for Crobat, but at least I can worry a bit less. I also got a few Pokemon that I still needed to help get more candy for evolving so hopefully I’m not too much further away. I wish I could find another Eevee though so I could finally evolve one of mine…

To end the night the egg I managed to get while out hatched and it was a Pikachu!! I’m so happy. I’ve been really nervous about the fact that I haven’t been able to find a Pikachu and my egg luck has been abysmal so it was so nice to see it when the egg hatched.

If things go as planned tomorrow, hopefully I can catch a lot more Pokemon.

July 16th, 2016

And of course things start off with the server going down again. Just going to cross my fingers that it is back up before we leave, but my hopes aren’t high :(

After several hours, it finally came back up and thankfully, for both Google and PTC. An Ekans was waiting for me when I loaded it up and while I have one already, I still need more for an Arbok. Unfortunately, 20 minutes later the servers died again :/ They are… sort of back up now? But not doing too well. They are really slow and you can’t do much and it’s pretty depressing considering we’re leaving in about a half hour to go out…

So, we were able to go out and the server was pretty much and on and off mess–I had to deal with lots of freezings and lack of loading (Meanwhile, my husband couldn’t and still can’t log in) and it was really frustrating. I managed to get several Pokestops at least (and got back up to 9 eggs including getting my first 10KM egg) and caught a Dratini and Shellder. I almost got a Tentacruel as well, but the game froze and then completely glitched out. In the end, I didn’t succeed and it sadly didn’t pop back up so now I have one more in Seen than caught and it’s bothering me so much and I hope I get a Tentacruel too :/

While I saw many shadows for Pokemon I didn’t have yet, we never got close enough to them sadly. I wish we could have spent more time in Manhattan.

One of the eggs already hatched into another Pikachu (though, I got another egg immediately to replace it so I didn’t even notice at first), but I’m hoping the other 9 will be good.

I’m going to end this now as it’s raining a bit and I don’t see us going out again today, but I’ll edit this if any other eggs hatch or anything new happens.

Edit 1: I had enough candy to evolve my Goldeen! Yay! Now I have a Seaking too. This also gave me a Silver Medal for catching 50 Water Pokemon.

Finally, a poll!:

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Feel free to comment as well with anything you want to hear more about :)


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